PS4 Cross-Game Chat Confirmed to Support 8 Players


As Sony’s ‘Perfect Day’ (11/15/13) nears, more facts are coming out about the PlayStation 4 before it’s highly anticipated launch day.

A recent comment by Sid Shuman, the manager of Social Media at Sony Computer Entertainment, on the very popular PlayStation Blog, confirms that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) will support up to 8 participants in a cross-game party chat. On a recent blog post for a Killzone: Shadow Fall Q&A, a PlayStation gamer in the comments section asked about Cross-game chat and the amount of people that can participants, and Shuman replied by saying, “Party Voice Chat will support up to 8 players on PS4, like PS Vita.” Cross-game chat is a highly desired capability, gives players the luxury of being in different games and still carry on a conversation.

PS4 gamers will be chatting it up across various games soon.

Many PlayStation 3 (PS3) fans have coveted the ability to cross-game chat, which unfortunately never showed up on the PS3. So this is especially great news for longtime PS3 owners upgrading to the PS4 early in its life cycle. Currently the only way to cross-game chat on PSN (PlayStation Network) is on the PS-Vita and only with other Vita owners. There is speculation that Sony will allow PS4 and Vita owners the ability to cross-game chat in the future as well.