Breaking: PSN’s Highest Trophy Level Reached at Level 100


So I’m writing a lot about trophies today, but in the process of writing my recent article about how PSN’s trophy system needs work, I discovered something on the worldwide trophy leaderboards that wasn’t there yesterday, two PSN users (BIELERIC and Pockidrive) have hit level 100, and they are both at 1% in that level with one person having several hundred more “trophy points” then the other person also at level 100.

It appears that they are locked in at this level now and cannot move past 100 no matter how many more trophies they get, this is very interesting to me as I have always wondered if there was a cap.

There was a trophy level cap at one point, which was level 50,  and Sony pushed that cap up as players reached it, if that is true, will Sony push the cap up again, or let it stop there? To me, 100 is a good number to make it the highest possible level so it will be interesting to see if Sony actually increases the cap this time around.

To put it into perspective, it took these players over 20,000 bronze trophies, over 7,000 silver, about 2,400 gold, and over 450+ platinum trophies to get here. A whopping 30,000+ total trophies.