DLB-Network Insider: PlayStation Move GT Racer


Here is an inside look at the upcoming leaked peripheral for the PlayStation Move. Sony is working on a peripheral much like the Wii Wheel (Except on Steroids). It looks like it is intended to be sold & bundled similarly to that of the PS Move SharpShooter Peripheral. Of course, none of this has been officially announced yet, and we are the first to break the images and information. All of the following is completely real and officially of Sony, there is no time frame for release, but I’d imagine we may hear something at the upcoming Gamescom or TGS Conferences. Some of the information also leads one to susspect the announcement of a new Racing Title for the PS3 also.

Thats enough of my rambling and speculation, Screenshots and Information are posted after the break!

The PlayStation Move GT Racer features: