Sunday’s This or That – “It’s Me, Mario!”

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Sunday’s This or That – “It’s Me, Mario!”

So this weeks This or That asks you if you prefer to play Kart Racing games like Mario Kart, Blur, and ModNation Racers or if you prefer realistic racers like Need for Speed, Forza, and Gran Turismo 5. Would you prefer the fun style of Kart Racers or would you prefer the more serious simulation style of realistic racing games. If you ever had a choice between just the two types of games which would you most likely pick to play.

Box Art Revealed For Various PlayStation Move Titles

10 July, 2010 PS3 3 comments

Hey guys, just so your know there are currently, there’s a ton of titles – some of which are already released that will support PlayStation Move compatibility at the motion controller’s launch.

Some box art for a few of these upcoming titles have been revealed, including some of the most noticeable; The Fight: Lights Out, The Shoot, and TV Superstars.

Check them out.

Deadliest Warrior: The Game (Dev Diary)

Are any of you fans of the Spike TV show The Deadliest Warrior? Well a video game has been developed based of the TV series and will be releasing this winter on XBLA and PSN. (I think it is a timed exclusive on XBLA).The game will take on the fighting genre. It will consist of a “sinlge player story mode” as well as online multiplayer.
I am a fan of the show so I am actually looking forward to the game since it is just a cheap downloadable title. Here is a developer diary to give some of you guys a small idea. Anyone else interested?

Mario Galaxy 2 Gets US Release Date and New Trailer

24 February, 2010 Wii 4 comments

It’s not every day that we get somewhat interesting news about the Wii so this should be a thrilling experience for you. Nintendo announced today that Mario Galaxy 2 (the title itself is a good explanation of Nintendo’s current originality) will be releasing on May 23rd for the United States, for those in other countries, you should expect it to release around that time if not on that day for you guys but the exact date has not been announced yet. Also, there’s a new trailer so check it out above.

Final Fantasy XIII Graphics Seem Superior on PS3

Final Fantasy XIII Graphics Seem Superior on PS3

Thanks Brown 856!

This may come as no surprise to you guys, but reports are coming from those who were lucky enough to play-test Final Fantasy XIII side-by-side noticed that the graphics on the PS3 version are noticeably better, seeing as there is more space on the Blu-Ray disc, this is no surprise. A game journalist that was part of the play-test said “As expected, the 360 version was noticeably less crisp than its PS3 counterpart, but it still ran.” So expect the game to run as well as the PS3 but the graphics may not be as good. I guess we will see how big the difference in graphics on the games release.

Wii Sells 3M in December, New Mario Bros. Tops 4M

5 January, 2010 Wii 11 comments
Wii Sells 3M in December, New Mario Bros. Tops 4M

Over the past months, we have seen the Nintendo Wii’s sales slowly start to dive, even in November during Black Friday, the Wii’s sales weren’t that promising but December sure was a big turn-around. Nintendo has just announced that in the month of December, over 3 million Wii’s were sold in the US alone. The recent price drop a few months back certainly helped in sales but another factor was a new major game that released for the system, New Super Mario Brothers Wii, which has also sold over 4 million copies since its release.

It’s reported that this is almost 1 million more Wii’s sold in December in 2009 than 2008. The real question here is will the Wii be able to keep strong sales after this recent spike? or will it keep dropping like it was before December of 2009.

Criterion-Made Need For Speed on Track For Next Year

Criterion-Made Need For Speed on Track For Next Year

New Need For Speed Title By Criterion

Earlier this year some of you may have recalled EA talking about getting Criterion Games to develop the next Need for Speed game after Need for Speed SHIFT. Criterion Games has made the highly successful Burnout Paradise a year and a half ago. Since the announcement at the press conference a half a year ago EA has been tight-lipped about the happenings in the Criterion Games office.

Today they finally revealed more pieces of info for the game, nothing major, but some good info. “In recent years, we failed to put adequate resources behind the franchise and, as a result, quality suffered,” Frank Gibeau, EA Games label president, recently stated about the Need for Speed franchise, “Next year’s Need for Speed has been under development now for some time at our award-winning Criterion Studio,” he added.

At least we know the series will release next year, probably around Fall as the pattern usually goes with the franchise, hopefully we will see some details about the game in the near future. I for one cannot wait to see this game. It’s good to know that EA is taking more care of their Need for Speed franchise again, Need for Speed SHIFT proved well but lets see if Criterion can bring this series back to how it was in its golden days.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I’m looking forward to this game.

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Hilarious Wii Gameplay Video

Reminiscent of the contest DLB did a while back. Not going to link to that, you can find that on your own.

Sorry to UK folks who can’t view Hulu, I’ll try to find a youtube video of this to post asap. In the meanwhile, some randomness after the jump.

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Left 4 Head is a porno based on Left 4 Dead. Seriously!!

Left 4 Head is a porno based on Left 4 Dead. Seriously screenshot

Destructoid writes:

I woke up yesterday to find a hilarious review by Kif for a porno called Left 4 Head. I finally got around to watching it now and just … just wow.

The “story” finds Zoey searching for Louis and any other possible survivors in an abandoned house. A Smoker stumbles upon Zoey in the house and uses its tongue to tie Zoey up. But wait! That’s not his tongue at all! IT’S HIS PENIS!

After two minutes of her awkwardly gagging on the tentacle penis, Zoey disposes of the Smoker and makes her way further into the house. She then comes across a Hunter and that’s when we see a six minute long blow job scene … and Zoey’s tramp stamp.

I’m not going to link to the video, but if you have any Matlocking skills at all, you can find it yourself. It’s really not worth the effort though. Or you can just readKif’s review and spare your eyes the pain.

Seriously, it didn’t even make me hard.


Found by PSN ID: lord_orpheo