inFamous will be “about quality”, not length, says creative director

Sucker Punch creative director Nate Fox has said “Look at God of War – it is an excellent game, an instant classic, and it’s only like seven hours long, GTA IV is 30 hours long, and people wanted more? That just tells you how excellent that game is.”

“It seems to me that it’s not about length, but about quality,” Fox continued. “And because I love both of those games, I hope that developers never try to shoot for a long game, but instead for the most fun they can pack onto the disc – at any length. That’s what we’re doing for inFamous.”

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UK Playstation Store Update 8/21/2008


Playable Content

  • Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty (£9.99)
  • International Track & Field – PS1 (£3.49)
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo (Free)

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MAG available as early as Spring 2009?

The guys over at Eurogamer had a chance to sit and chat with David Reeves. He mentions the 2009 lineup, mentioned that “coming in spring will be inFamous and MAG, and God of War [3] will be coming later in 2009,” giving a vague indication of when we can expect to see the newly announced MAG.

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New Info on the inFAMOUS inside July 08 Game Informer

Some details on the inFAMOUS:

  • inFAMOUS begins with a serene, panoramic skyview view of EMpire City on the title screen, with the words “press start flashing”. ..once you push start, a massive explosion rips through the heart of the city. Six city blocks are consumed by flame…in the center, a man named Dylan staggers to his feet.”
  • Dylan doesn’t know how he got his powers and starts out apathetic. He then becomes invest in the city…or you can choose not to be at all.
  • Dylan can run up rooftops, scrambles across building archtecture, and can seek cover in unlikely nooks and crannies.

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Playstation Plus, What a Surprise in Value!

Playstation Plus, What a Surprise in Value!

If you own a Sony Playstation 3 and haven’t caught wind of the amazing value of Playstation Plus, you either don’t have anybody on your PSN friends list…

…or you don’t turn on your PS3…

…or you simply don’t have an internet connection.

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Oct. 11th Playstation Store Update

This week’s update is a bit light but there is some DLC worth checking out.  inFamous 2 DLC Festival of Blood is now available for pre-order, also the Resistance 3 survival pack DLC is now available.






  • Infamous 2 DLC Festival of Blood  (9.99 Playstation Plus  Price 7.99)

Games & Demos for Playstation 3

  • Sideway: New York (Exclusive) ($9.99)
  • Metal Slug 2 ($8.99)
  • The King of Fighters ’96 ($8.99)
  • Sideway: New York Demo
  • Stardrone Demo
  • NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Demo
  • The Cursed Crusade Demo

Add-on Game Content

  • Resistance 3 – Survival Pack ($3.99)
  • LittleBigPlanet 2 Add on Costumes ($0.99 – $2.99 each)
  • Duke Nukem Forever – Hail To The Icons Parody Pack ($9.99)
  • Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition – Character Color Pack 2 ($2.99)
  • Dragon Age 2 – Mark of The Assassin ($9.99)
  • No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Motorbike 4 Add-On ($0.99)
  • No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Tsubaki Mkiii Katana Add-On ($0.99)
  • No More Heroes: Bundle 4 ($1.49)
  • Ace Combat Assault Horizon Compatibility Pack 1 (free)
  • Ace Combat Assault Horizon: F-15C (free)
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 – Costume Pack 4 ($0.99)
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 – New Stage And BGM Pack 3 ($2.99)
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 – Stage Pack 4 ($3.99)

PSone Classics

  • XS Junior League Football ($5.99)

PS3 Themes

  • inFAMOUS Festival of Blood Dynamic Theme (free w/ pre order)
  • Sci Fi: Alien Witness Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

PS3 Wallpapers (free)

  • The Baconing Wallpaper
  • Sideway New York – Spray Wallpaper
  • Sideway: New York – Nox Wallpaper
  • Sideway: New York – Nox Wallpaper 2
  • Sideway: New York – Wallpaper


  • Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Frank West Avatar ($0.49)
  • Dead Rising 2: Off The Record T.I.R. Frank West Avatar ($0.49)
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia – Nisa Avatar ($0.49)