SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta 1.30 Patch Incoming

Seth Luisi of the Socom team wrote gave all the details below about the next Socom Update

We are happy to announce that the eagerly anticipated SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Public Beta 1.30 Patch will be released on Thursday, September 18th, at 12:00 GMT/UTC (8am EDT, 5am PDT, 1pm BST, 9pm JST/KST).

The SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 patch addresses the following issues:


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US_ARMY’s Impressions of the SOCOM Beta

9 September, 2008 PS3 4 comments
US_ARMY’s Impressions of the SOCOM Beta

After much anticipation and a short delay, the SOCOM Confrontation beta officially launched last friday. The servers were bogged down with all the PS3 owners ready to get their first taste of the Nex-Gen SOCOM. The download moved quite slowly but we didnt care, as long as we got our game we love.

The game itself (when working that is) is suprisingly well done. From the vast customization to the great voice communication, the game ranks up with some of the best. We all got angry numerous times at the game as it will take forever to load, boot you off the servers, and not start the game until everyone “Greens up”. This is a sacrifice that we all must understand, as this is a BETA. They do this for a reason so these problems can be resolved for the final product. Aside from the issues, the game itself is solid. It has the classic SOCOM feel with a Nex-Gen spin on it. I love this new game to death and can tell that it will do well for the SOCOM community.

We will all be counting down the days to the final product, and to finally try out the new bluetooth headset from sony. I will have a full review of the game and the headset when they release this october. See everyone in the beta in the mean time.


SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta Today

5 September, 2008 PS3, PSN 7 comments

We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience of the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta delay. However, I am happy to say that everything has now been worked out and the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta will go live in North America tomorrow for anyone who has preordered at GameStop/EB GAMES. You must be registered for the SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta using the instructions provided on the GameStop/EB GAMES SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta voucher to get your SOCOM: Confrontation Public Beta code.

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Socom Beta Pushed Back to Sept 5th

30 August, 2008 PS3, PSN 7 comments

Here’s the word straight from SCEA’s Seth Luisi:

Well, I’ve got some good and not so good news. The good news is that we are still on track to delivering a kick-ass experience come October. The bad news is that because we are working so hard to ensure the final product is fantastic, we’ve decided to push back the Public Beta date just a few days in order to bump up the experience even more. So, the new launch date for the Public Beta is now Friday, September 5th (QORE members will start the following Friday, September 12).

Via: Playstation.Blog

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Socom Beta to Start September 1st

28 August, 2008 PS3 9 comments
Socom Beta to Start September 1st is stating that officially this Monday, September 1st, all of us who preorderd Socom Confrontation and recieved the voucher, will be able to take part in the public beta. I am extremey excited to get my first taste of this game before it releases. Those of you who will be joining me, be sure to post a comment and let me know what you are most looking for out of the beta. Do remember everyone that this is going to be a beta and not the finished product.


Socom Beta: Maps and Game Modes Detailed


David “Point Man” Brothers at the Socom Blog gave some info on the Beta:

Maps: Crossroads 16 Players, & Crossroads Large 32 Players

Modes: Extraction, Elimination, Suppression ect…

Settings: You’ll be able to adjust the settings, Lock out certain weapons, or even entire weapon classes

Other: Character customization, body armor, camo, headgear, clan support, stat tracking (but be aware that these will all be reset at launch.)

SOCOM Confrontation beta goes global, Europe gets access on 9/1 as well


European SOCOM Producer Shijima wrote this in the Europe forums:

Okay, this is the news you’ve all been waiting for.  I’m happy to confirm that Europe will indeed be getting access to the same Beta trial as our brethren in North America! Furthermore, our trial will begin on the SAME date (1st Sept) and will also end at the same time (30th Sept).

You’ll be pleased to hear that it will be possible to play against not only gamers in Europe, but also those in North America, Oceania and Asia too! Access to this “multiplayer demo” varies by country, so keep your eyes peeled for your unique promotional voucher.

Should any unforeseen circumstances affect our plans then I’ll make sure to keep you updated here…