David Jaffe Comments On God Of War 3!!!

24 November, 2008 PS3 10 comments
tawkn writes:
In a recent post on his blog, God of War I director David Jaffe comments on what’s he’s seen so far regarding God of War III. Ok, so he doesn’t say EXACTLY what he’s seen (NDA), but he does have some quite “colorful” comments to describe what he saw.

Here is the comment at the end of David’s post that somewhat confirms what has been the talk of the town regarding God of War III’s visuals.

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Killzone 2 Public Beta Kicks Off Today!

5 November, 2008 PS3, PSN 28 comments

Today is a big day for us PS3 guys, or FPS lovers alike. The public beta has officially begun. For those of you who were lucky enough to be in the closed beta, you will automatically be in the public one as well. They are sending many invite out, so be like me, and check your email, you may get a great suprise. I must say 1 thing without losing my privaledge, this game is insane! See everyone online,


DLBTV: DLB Gets Hands-on With Killzone 2 Beta (Update)

NEW footage from Killzone 2.

I got a chance to get some one on one time with Killzone 2, and this is by far the best game that will hit stores in 2009!

I give more info about the Beta in this weeks podcast PlayStation on Blast EP – 56.


Better video quality after the JUMP!

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Killzone 2 on G4TV Tonight!

Get your DVR’s ready. Tonight on G4, during X-Play starting at 8pm, we will have the world television premiere of the brand new Killzone 2 Helghan trailer. Yes we know this was already posted to the web a little early, but who wouldn’t want to see it on a much bigger screen with a better sound system? Seriously, it deserves that kind of attention, because it’s just that cool. So tune in, crank it up and enjoy all the explosive goodness. We think you’ll like it.

G4TV Show Notes:

Adam and Morgan bring you two major Reviews with their scores for Fallout 3 and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. They’ll also get some Face Time with the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto and give you part 2 of their All Access look at Prince of Persia. Finally, they will bring you the Broadcast Premiere of the amazing new Killzone 2 trailer.

Today on X-Play:

  • Fallout 3 Review
  • MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review
  • Face Time: Shigeru Miyamoto

PS3 To Have In Game Ads

30 September, 2008 PS3, PSN 7 comments

Gamers have already experienced many In Game Advertisements, primarily the product of deals between the publisher and the advertising agency, but this move eclipses all by going directly to the console. Hopefully this means free stuff for gamers such as the ever improving PSN, but if not done tastefully this can lead to a barrage of advertisements at every game loading screen or real products as power ups in upcoming blockbuster titles.

Sony reps are already spinning this news to benefit gamers by saying it will add realism to games, but the reality is Sony will receive a huge sum of money to include products dynamically in their games.  As amusing as the Commercial for Nano’s in Metal Gear Solid 4 was, it’s cringe-inducing to think that Doritos™ could do something similar in Killzone 2.  Imagine if Drebin was sharing a can of Coca-Cola with his small monkey friend and included a slogan and product placement in the middle of a cutscene. Damn.

Activision is in on the deal as well.

Details here

- Pikaso