Killzone DLC For Little Big Planet Coming Soon

16 January, 2009 PS3, PSN 8 comments
Killzone DLC For Little Big Planet Coming Soon


Little Big Planetoid reports:

In the latest edition of “sack it to me” , the US Playstation blog’s weekly LBP update, the release date for the Killzone 2 Helghast DLC is hinted to be coming at the same time as Killzone 2 itself, February 27th.


Sad day for collectors: no limited edition Killzone 2 pack

16 January, 2009 PS3 9 comments
PS3 Fanboy writes:
Sorry collectors, it looks like Killzone 2 will not receive a special limited edition when it launches in America on February 27th. Just a bog-standard vanilla pack. Jeff Rubenstein confirms this in a comment on the Killzone 2CES interview post; “There is no collector’s edition slated for Killzone 2. Guerrilla Games has put all of their effort into creating this masterpiece of a game, so we didn’t actively pursue a CE.” A shame, really. The game would’ve lent itself well to a collector’s edition. Maybe we’ll see one forKillzone 3.

Shout out to PSN ID: “MOE-GUNZ-JACKSON” for the find…


PS3 Hate Boils Over, Fanboy “Journalists” Embarrass The Industry

15 January, 2009 PS3, Xbox 360 19 comments


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PSXExtreme writes:

ThisThis, right here. This is why gaming journalists will never get any respect.

We recently ran an article that warned readers against misinterpreting opinion as facts because apparently, only loud-mouthed fanboys get any sort of attention in the realm of so-called video game journalism.

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Analysts Sound Off On PlayStation 3’s Future in 2009

15 January, 2009 PS3 2 comments








The PlayStation 3 has lagged behind the competition in the previous years, at least in terms of hardware sales. To see if analysts believe 2009 would be any better for the PlayStation 3 EndSights contacted three premiere video game analysts to get their views on the issue. We asked them one, multi-leveled question.

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OPM UK Reviews Killzone 2 And Gives It A 9/10

OPM UK reviews Killzone 2 and gave it a 9/10. All the scans for there review of Killzone 2 are below enjoy!

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5


Next big PS3 price cut set for April??

14 January, 2009 PS3 20 comments

CNET writes:

No shocker: more talk of a price drop on the 80GB version of the PS3.

This rumor’s a little dubious, but several blogs are reporting that Sony plans to cut the PlayStation’s 3′s price tag by $100 in April.

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Guerrilla: ‘We can get more out of the PS3 in future projects’

11 January, 2009 PS3 14 comments
Guerrilla: ‘We can get more out of the PS3 in future projects’


Those are the words directly from an interview Guerilla Games had with Dutch website Gamekings. Although the video is in Dutch, the interview has been translated and Guerilla makes it clear that although Killzone 2 is one of the best looking games to date, they believe that they can use more of the PS3′s power in the future.


Killzone 2 Physics!!!

8 January, 2009 PS3 16 comments


2nd video after the jump!

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