Nothing is Live Right Now, Come Back Soon!

Welcome to the live events page, this is where we cover events live like the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Gamescom, the Tokyo Games Show, along with a lot more live gaming events that happen throughout the year.

For all of these events we will have a live video stream along with a live chat so that our community can chat with each other as the awesome, or the really bad news is unveiled live, it really is a bunch of fun and we’ve been doing it for several years now and it gets better and better each year!

Unfortunately, no live events are going on right now as you’re reading this text so stick to the main page of the website for information that we will post before every live event that we will cover. In the year of 2013 we did live video and live community chat for E3, Gamescom, the Tokyo Games Show, the PS4 reveal, the Xbox One Reveal, in addition to a few others. So, in the year 2014, you can fully expect to hop to this page and find us all here with live video and chat, so keep this page bookmarked! Our community is awesome and our favorite part of it is seeing your reactions to the events every year right here, see you guys at the next event!

~ The DLB-Network Crew

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