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Prepare To Be A “Thief In The Night” As Midnight Launch Approaches

Prepare To Be A “Thief In The Night” As Midnight Launch Approaches

Leading gaming retailer Gamestop, is preparing to host midnight launch parties at 600 locations on the evening of February 24 to celebrate the release of the fourth installment of Thief, which is arriving on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC. Customers that have pre-ordered are in for a treat as they will receive GameStop’s exclusive Thief soundtrack, “Bank Heist” mission DLC and the Thief Android companion app.

GameStop also has acquired a 30 second never-before-seen video clip of the Theif. You can peep it at http://youtu.be/AK4QHQ-GCbE

Get your energy drinks supply up cause its gonna be another all nighter y’all.


The Sims 4 Official Gameplay Trailer

The Sims 4 finally gets some gameplay shown for it! The game releases next year, what are your thoughts on the gameplay shown so far?

Call Of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer trailer

Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

It’s………………another Call Of Duty. But with girls, groundbreaking!!! Watch the trailer above.

New Watch Dogs gameplay series part 1

Watch_Dogs Gameplay Series Part 1_Hacking is Your Weapon

Ubisoft has revealed a new gameplay series for Watch dogs, Each episode will explain aspects of the game. This episode explains how hacking works in the game and why doing certain tasks can help you, More episodes will come in the future but first enjoy part 1 above.

SimCity For Mac Coming August 29th

SimCity For Mac Coming August 29th

The Mac version of SimCity will finally be available on August 29th 2013. If you have already brought the game for your windows PC via Origion you can download it again completely free for your Mac, the game is also completely cross platform so you can build with your PC mates.

SimCity Mac was originally aimed for June 2013 but due to issues the PC version had experienced they decided to delay the MAC Version. You can go buy SimCity for mac right here when it comes available on August 29th.

Watch Dogs – Honored Trailer

Watch Dogs — Honored Trailer

A Brand new trailer for Watch Dogs has been released. “Check out the best quotes of E3 2013 on Watch_Dogs, one of the most acclaimed game with over 90 Awards and Nominations.”

Watch dog will be coming out this November on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, PS4 and Xbox One will follow soon after.

E3 2013 – Battlefield 4: 64 Player Mutliplayer Gameplay

All I gotta say is wow, this looks incredible! No wonder DICE is one of my all time favorite developers, this is regular multiplayer! Insane! This was done at the EA press conference live with 64 players, awesome!

Borderlands 2 DLC Preview: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

Thanks to GameStop and Gearbox, we have a 40 minute demo on the new Borderlands 2 DLC Coming late June for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Steam.

New Watch Dogs Trailer Hits the Internet

Watch Dogs has been on most of our lists ever since its surprise unveil at last years E3. It is still impressing us to this day with this new trailer above, enjoy! Watch Dogs is releasing on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC on November 19, 2013 in North America and November 22, 2013 in Europe.

The PC Gaming Age

6 January, 2013 PC No comments
The PC Gaming Age

Titles like Crysis, Sim City, Star Craft and Diablo have long been huge for the desktop PC gaming market and their gamers. For the most part I can totally understand why, I mean truthfully even I have Diablo 3 installed on my iMac. The truth is with most of these titles began on the PC and gamers feel more prone to continue playing them on those machines. Not to mention getting the most graphically impressive experience require these games to be  played on pretty powerful rigs. But I do find myself sitting less and less in front of my very own desktop an more behind my laptop and tablet. Does this mean that PC gaming is dead in my house? No, I wont go as far as to say that, but I will say it is on a decline. And to be completely honest, it has little to do with the games and more to do with convenience.  With casual gaming moving more and more into our lives and console gaming keeping a firm place in it also. Something had to take the back seat, and for myself it has been PC gaming. I am by no means implying that this may be the same situation you are being faced with, but I am sure you have seen some of these same trends talking place.

Just a thought