OMG! SingStar Has An Update

SingStar has an update to add more songs. But are they songs we want?


  • The Bangles – Eternal Flame
  • Westlife – If I let You Go
  • Will Young – Leave Right Now
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood – The Power of Love
  • Sara Bareilles – Love Song

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The #1 360 Exclusive for the PS3 is…

9 February, 2009 PS3 17 comments

Split-Screen writes:


Gears of WarFableForzaMass EffectBanjo-Kazooie. Perhaps, even Halo? There’s a fine line observed by every PS3 fan, myself included, over what games deserve to remain on the 360 and which ones would be best suited for multi-platform support. Developer desires, budget and profit constraints and moreover, the rights to the intellectual properties often contribute to what stays exclusive. But the #1 360 exclusive that should be and could be on the PS3 – which returns a staggering 1,260,000 million links in regards to its exclusivity?


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Burnout Paradise 1.60 Patch Out

If you update the game today to version 1.6, you’ll experience a white screen issue relating to the pages we’ve created for the in-game browser.  The text will read “Error.  FW-1 at fefw01_ixe-lhr: Failed to connect to the WWW server”.

This is currently timing out due to overwhelming demand.

On PS3, hit triangle and then “EXIT”, then choose “Yes” to “return to the game screen” and continue playing Burnout.  On PC, click the button prompt in the bottom right of the screen to exit and continue playin.

1.60 Patch Details After The Break


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Home patch 1.10 coming Thursday

New features

  • We have added a new “Remove Player” function that allows the creator to remove people from a Game Launching session. This is complemented by the Block Player function, accessible via the Safe Screen, which can be used to stop people rejoining.

Changes and Improvements

  • The speed of the initial log-on process has been improved and a progress bar has been added to provide you with more information about what is happening.
  • Items that you have already purchased will now be loaded when you first log-in, reducing the loading time when you enter stores in the Mall.
  • Other players’ avatars will now load faster when you enter a space.
  • The names of Home reward items will now be shown when you obtain them.


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World at War: Double-XP Weekend Starts Today

World at War is also introducing two brand new game types into its playlist rotation: Team Tactical and Mercenary TDM. Team Tactical is a 4v4 playlist that pits two teams up against each other in random objective scenarios, while Mercenary TDM does not allow for parties in favor of random team match-ups.

New playlists have gone live today for both Xbox 360 and PS3 players. The Double-XP event will run from today, January 30, until February 1.

PS3 exclusive Killzone 2 hits #2 on Amazon’s pre-order list

24 January, 2009 PS3 33 comments

killzone writes:

Killzone 2 has long been the center of a lot of attention by hardcore PS3 fans for it’s ultra-realistic graphics and deep multi-player gameplay. However, the title’s popularity even among the masses is becoming increasingly more obvious.

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What’s in the upcoming free Burnout Paradise patch?

  • In-Game Store (PS3/PC only) – An in-game browser will connect to the “Criterion Games Network.” From here, you’ll be able to see all the game’s updates and purchase any of the upcoming premium DLC.
  • Tweaked vehicle handling – The earlier cars are now tweaked to be easier for newcomers to use. “These cars are now slower, harder to crash and less likely to spin out at low speeds.”
  • Junkyard sorting – You’ll be able to compare the stats of cars, and you’ll be able to filter out cars, bikes, and upcoming DLC vehicles.
  • Stunt Run timer changed – Stunt Run will now have a different timer that starts much slower than before. This allows beginners more wiggle room to start a combo. Experts will still be challenged: the larger your combo, the faster the timer runs out.
  • Events rebalanced – All events have been modified to accommodate the new car speeds.
  • Road Rage tweaked – Players no longer get additional time once they reach the target score. This is great, because we usually intentionally crash in order to end this mode.
  • Enhanced visuals – In-game items, like billboards and smashes, are now easier to spot. The lighting has been tweaked to be “more vibrant.” Driving at night will be easier.
  • Restart – Yes, you can restart races now.
  • Easier barrel rolls – Barrel rolls are now automatic. However, to do more than one at a time, you’ll have to use the analog sticks.
  • DLB~

    Kotaku’s Hands On With The Lost And The Damned

    Kotaku’s Hands On With The Lost And The Damned

    custom_1228498297022_lostanddamnedlogoKotaku get’s a hands on preview of the new Xbox 360 exclusive DLC for GTAIV and had quite alot to say about their time with it.  Some notable points are that there is a cache of new weapons as well as new music and a new minigame.  Even the menus and in-game cell phone have been updated and customized which justifies the $20 price point for this expansion.  GTAIV fans should be quite pleased with this when it drops in a few weeks.

    – A Big Shot

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    Sony Braces For First Loss In 14 Years

    22 January, 2009 PS3 2 comments
    Sony Braces For First Loss In 14 Years

    sony_logo_1Sony has revised their fiscal 2008 forecast, revealing an extra loss for the Games Division.

    Sony is expected to post their first net loss in 14 years, of 150 billion yen ($1.65 billion/£1.21 billion), for the fiscal year ending 31st March 2009.

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    Pachter: Aaron Greenberg and Kaz Hirai Are Both Right

    Pachter: Aaron Greenberg and Kaz Hirai Are Both Right

    9rq1cpvia gamedaily

    As you’ve no doubt seen by now, Sony’s Kaz Hirai and Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg have been getting into a little war of words lately. Hirai still sees Sony as the industry leader in video games and he doesn’t think Xbox 360 has longevity, while Greenberg has called Sony “out of touch” and he doesn’t see a scenario in which Xbox 360 could lose its installed base lead to PS3.

    Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter – never afraid to share his opinion – contacted GameDaily BIZ to let us know that both Hirai and Greenberg are right. “Aaron Greenberg is right that Sony likely won’t catch Microsoft in the U.S. until at least 2014. Kaz is right that Sony will likely catch Microsoft globally,” said Pachter.

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