F1 2010 Outsells Halo Reach And Dead Rising 2 Combined

F1 2010 Outsells Halo Reach And Dead Rising 2 Combined

F1 2010 has outsold Halo Reach and Dead Rising 2 combined this week in the uk. This was a large shock to me because i new f1 would be a good seller but i never thought the game would outsell Dead Rising or Halo reach on there own but it has outsold them both combined this week.

So the top seller in the uk this week is F1 2010, Halo Reach, Dead Rising 2, Civilization 5 then in 5th place was Sports Champions.

GC 10 – New Halo Reach Trailer

The first of many posts for Gamescom is here and it’s a trailer for a little game called halo reach, enjoy and welcome to Gamescom.

Halo Reach Xbox 360 bundle available September 14 for $399

Halo Reach Xbox 360 bundle available September 14 for $399

A Microsoft press release details the limited-edition silver Halo Reach console, which is available for pre-order now. The bundle contains a silver 250 GB Xbox 360 S (Short :D) it also comes with two silver wireless controllers featuring Reach artwork, a similarly decorated headset, a Standard Edition copy of the game, a voucher for “Limited Edition Elite” armor and an episode from the Halo Legends anime anthology, available September 14th.

Halo Reach Release Date & Beta Stats

Halo Reach Release Date & Beta Stats

The Associated Press has reported the release date for the game being created by Bungie due to release later this year, Halo Reach. According to the Associated Press, the official release date of Halo Reach is going to be September 14th worldwide, except for Japan which will release one day later on September 15th. Also there are some quick stats of the recent Halo Reach Beta that was done over Xbox Live.

It is reported that over 2.7 million people played the beta in the 18 day time period, those 2.7 million players played for more than 16 million hours, there were also 1.1 billion kills performed during that period of 18 days. Dang, that’s a ton of kills!

Halo Reach: Leaked Video and 1st Screen Shots: Direct Feed

20 January, 2010 Xbox 360 33 comments

I have a leaked video of a halo reach game-mode and some simple Direct Feed screenshots of Bungie’s Halo Reach. The game is supposed to look much better than the previous, from these screens it doesnt look all that more impressive to me. However, there is still a lot of time left before release for polishing so i dont doubt that i will look better later this fall. Any halo fans here? if so make some noise in the comments section :)

More screenshots after the break.

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VGA’s – Halo Reach Premiere Trailer

In case you missed the premiere trailer for Halo Reach at the Video Game Awards last night, here it is!

Halo Reach is Bungie’s Last Halo Game

Halo Reach is Bungie’s Last Halo Game


Thanks bryant16319!

Now correct me if I’m wrong but im pretty certain I have heard the same news about Halo 3 a year or two ago. In an interview with IGN UK, Lars Bakken of Bungie said that the studio will not be making any more Halo games after Halo Reach, they also said they already have a IP in the works too.

After Reach that’s it for us. We’re already working on a new IP that we can’t talk about yet, I don’t know when we’ll be talking about it – when we’re ready I suppose – Lars Bakken.

This does not mean Halo is over though, there’s a chance another studio could produce Halo games after Bungie stops making the franchise.

New Halo Reach Beta Invite Included in ODST Purchase

New Halo Reach Beta Invite Included in ODST Purchase


This newly announced game Halo Reach is more than likely based on this book from the Halo novels. The Multiplayer Beta invitation for Halo Reach will be included in the purchase of ODST in late September. If you like spoilers, spoil yourself.

Halo: Reach – Defiant Map Pack Out Now With Video Walkthrough

The Defiant Map pack has released today for Halo: Reach and contains two maps for your enjoyment and these look pretty fun. Burnie and Geoff over at Roosterteeth Productions (the guys who make the Red vs. Blue machinima) were kind enough to give the internet a video walk-through of all the new locations contained in the map pack which can be seen above!

Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer

Who’s excited for Halo: Reach? This guy! I’m still trying to process everything that’s in this video, there are so many new additions and improvements my head is spinning.  The first, most noticeable enhancement is the graphics.  This gameplay footage looks great, especially for a multiplayer trailer.

A few things I noticed were the inclusion of Jet Packs that the Brutes usually were equipped with, brutal new assassinations to up the ante for one hit kills from behind and 2 new gametypes.  Invasion looks like a larger version of Big Team Battle with tons of players, while Headhunter looks like you collect the skulls of slain foes to win.

May 3, 2010 is when owners of Halo 3: ODST will be able to cash in on their invite and get a chance to put Reach through it’s paces.

– A Big Shot