The Official PS4 Unboxing Video

11. November, 2013 PS4 4 comments

Check out the weird but official unboxing of the 500GB Playstation 4 by Mr @Yosp himself, the PlayStation 4 will come with a HDMI Cable, Micro USB Cable, Power Cable, Mono Headset, DualShock4, Free trials to PS Plus & Music Unlimited plus a $10 Playstation Store gift card and finally a 500GB Playstation 4.

The Official PS4 Unboxing Video | PlayStation 4

Check out the unboxing in the video above, DLB will be doing an unboxing and much more content on release day so make sure you check that out.

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  1. 11 / 11 / 2013 3:19 am

    Ha I like it…they put some thought behind this. They didn’t go the normal rout like Xbox did with major Nelson lol. Let’s just hope they keep up with advertisements throughout the ps4 life cycle.

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  2. 11 / 11 / 2013 1:10 pm


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  3. rico_fiasco

    11 / 11 / 2013 1:45 pm

    So today decided to test drive both the Xbox One and PS4. All in all, I have to say that the User Experience on the PS4 was far more unique than the Xbone’s (which really isn’t that different than the 360s). I compare the upgrade from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One to that of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. There’s more features and improved hardware, but the user experience isn’t much different than what already exists. Also, I was pretty surprised at how well the DS4 felt in my hands! Xbone’s controller felt pretty comfortable in the hands, but the analog sticks felt pretty loose, my fingers naturally rested on the bottom edge of the trigger rather on the groove of the trigger (like on the original controller) and the rumble in the triggers somewhat took away from the gameplay. The DS4 however fit perfectly into my hand, my fingers fit perfectly on the triggers and the buttons and the analog sticks felt pretty solid when using.

    Now that I got a chance to test the two out, I think I now have a solid decision on which console I’m going to get.

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    • Game-Critic

      11 / 12 / 2013 8:28 am

      I finally got to hold a DS4 this past weekend at bestbuy PS4 kiosk and man did that thing feel perfect in my hands. Sony did a hell of a job making the ultimate controller even better. Damn come on Friday I can’t wait to play some Shadow Fall with that bad boy.

      Anyone who has yet to hold/use one is in for a surprise when you pick it up for the first time. A smile or wicked grin will creep along your face and you’ll see yourself finishing or going back to play a lot of PS3 games with it. The PS2 era of gaming is definitely about to return with this controller and I believe devs are going to support Sony way better than M$ because of that this gen.

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