DLBTV | DualShock 4 Teardown & Custom White Paint Job


Want to know how to take apart the DualShock 4 or see what the inside looks like? Well I’ll be taking apart the controller and then I’ll also be spray-painting it white. The DualShock 4 looks really nice in white by the way… You can watch the whole process in the video above! Also, remember to subscribe to DLBTV.

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  1. Krepler

    11 / 4 / 2013 6:04 pm

    Woah, easy on the paint, lol! The controller came out pretty nice, I love my white DS3s, but here’s a couple tips on painting with a spray can that’ll help make future projects come out smooth and without drips/runs.

    So yeah, since that was your first time spray painting, next time remember to keep the paint at least 20cm-30cm, or 8″ – 12″, away from what you’re painting and don’t pass the same area more than twice, you don’t want the paint dripping like that. Don’t worry if there’s not enough coverage, you’ll get it on the second coat.

    Always practice painting a small sample, like some plastic or metal, before doing the actual job! Different materials require different paints and if you choose the wrong one you might notice before it even dries that the paint beads up and won’t stick to the material. In most cases you’ll need a primer as well before applying your paint. Paint that has primer in it will work but won’t be as good as doing it separately. That goes for brush on as well.

    I hope that helps! :)

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  2. Game-Critic

    11 / 12 / 2013 8:59 am

    wow that looks really good. Nice video showing how to do this. It looks falwless from the vid but im curious how long did it take to dry. What kind of finish was it? Glossy? Matte?

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  3. 12 / 1 / 2013 3:40 am

    Looks more matte to me. Nice mod DLB.

    I’ll be looking to paint mine Android green and the other a glossy gold.

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