The DLB-Network Gaming Podcast – Episode 199


In this episode of the Official DLB-Network Gaming Podcast, we tackle the massive PS4 FAQ that was recently released and discuss the goods and the bads of it, lots of PS4 and next gen talk in this one as you’d probably expect with less than two weeks left! See the episode number??  The final episode before we hit 200 is here so enjoy people! TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR NUMBER 200!!

Featuring: DLB, Snake-oo, DaTriggaman, Blumatt, Damian and Hoodnerd. 


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Voice Your Questions – We now let people make questions by recording it and we will play it back live on the show! Leave us a voice question by clicking on the tab on the right side of the site that says “Podcast Voicemail” and get to recording a short message, it’s actually very simple!

Tweet Your Questions – Almost every Thursday night around 10PM Central Time is when we usually record the podcast, that’s the best possible time to send us your questions. You can send a tweet to any of the crew and they could answer your questions! It would be recommended to tweet DLB, MikeDemo, or DaTriggerMan as they are most likely to be on the show and read questions aloud, but you can also send questions to any other podcast crew too.


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  1. IndoAssassin

    11 / 1 / 2013 5:11 am

    MP3, headset legacy support, and suspend resume coming in 2nd PS4 update.

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  2. IndoAssassin

    11 / 2 / 2013 2:26 am

    I wish everyone that was getting an Xbox One, whether they are a fan or not, would actually complain to MS that this was not a right move to charge $100 more for an inferior product. Whether the games are there or not.

    You guys are so quick to jump on Sony as soon as they make a mistake, but MS has been making mistakes left and right and all you guys have done is quietly downplay it. blaming all the outcry on fanboys.

    I personally don’t care who buy what console. My only gripe is, that MS can charge $100 more for an inferior gaming console, and you guys happily accepting it, just shows MS that it’s ok not to push gaming tech forward. Just keep it backwards and overcharge for it and people will still come in droves.

    Fine you guys want to play the games, great. But atleast let MS also know that this was not a good move for favoring their tech more towards features than gaming.

    You guys should be voicing these issues, so that their next console hardware is catered more towards the gaming side. Otherwise they will just charge you $200 more than the competition for inferior hardware. Why? Because they can.

    Xbox fanboys will read this as a Sony fanboy trying to diss the Xbox. No I’m just a gamer frustrated with MS for taking me for granted. Especially with what Sony pulled last gen, how did MS drop the ball so hard?

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    • MACHE

      11 / 2 / 2013 6:15 am

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      • IndoAssassin

        11 / 2 / 2013 6:20 pm

        too bad I ain’t getting either console at launch. So you calling me a Sony fanboy is moot

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      • IndoAssassin

        11 / 2 / 2013 6:22 pm

        What is wrong with letting MS know that charging $100 for an inferior console is not a good thing?

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        • Game-Critic

          11 / 3 / 2013 7:28 pm

          wasting your time and energy is whats wrong. They (M$) already know its not a good thing. They don’t care. M$ has another major secret agenda with the XBONE. Games are just a mirror and smoke screen to get the device in your home. Think to yourself why won’t they just make a bundle without Kinect for $400 if the device isn’t needed anymore to play games.

          Just think about it.

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  3. 12 / 14 / 2013 2:41 am

    Props to PlayStation for releasing their FAQ. Get the news out there so people can review everything they’re curious about before investing.
    I enjoyed the show, thanks. :)

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