The DLB-Network Gaming Podcast – Episode 198

25. October, 2013 Podcast 1 comment

In this episode of the Official DLB-Network Gaming Podcast, the recent 18 years of PlayStation ad gets the crew to discuss just how old they are, they start talking about the NES, the Sega Genesis, the first Mario game, man these guys are old as hell! Anyway, once they’re done talking about how everything was better back in their day, they also talk about the Dualshock 4, timed exclusive DLC vs. timed exclusive games, and much more, enjoy!

Featuring: DLB, Snake-oo, A Big Shot


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  1. 12 / 10 / 2013 11:44 pm

    Aww, I’m late in listening to this episode and still a bit behind in the show.
    Hmm, my top five games of the gen in alphabetical order would be:
    Gran Turismo 5
    Little Big Planet
    PlayStation HOME (if that counts)
    Section 8
    The Cave
    I’ve been gaming since the NES but it wasn’t until the PSX I became a gamer. SegaCD really blew me away with its realtime graphics QTE games like “Sewer Shark” and “Supreme Warrior.” Once I got hooked into “Final Fantasy VII” it became more than a hobby and I was a gamer for life.
    Agree, when a game launches that has a significant online portion its servers should work. Launch with a ton of servers and dial it back if there’s way too much open air. Don’t start with the bare guesstimate and dial up when it’s discovered more servers are needed.
    I’m glad PlayStation kept the analog sticks symmetrical on the Dual Shock 4 as well. Peoples thumbs are symmetrical so making the sticks the same way just seems to make sense.
    Good show.

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