Grand Theft Auto Online Reveal

Grand Theft Auto Online: Official Gameplay Video

Well what can you say apart from dammmmm, this online world looks just amazing. Grand Theft Auto Online will give you a full online world and will feature an MMO like experience. You will create your own character and enter the online world with everyone else, you can just hang out in the world, drive about and do what you want or you can participate in events like robbing banks with your friends or on your own. You can also participate in online races, golf games, tennis games and standard team death-match modes and much much more. By doing events like i have mentioned above you will gain money so you can buy houses, cars, planes, guns and pretty much everything you can think.

Grand Theft Auto Online will be available 2 weeks after the game is on sale and will be downloadable to your Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It will be free of charge if you buy the game brand new but from what we have seen if you buy the game rented you will probably have to pay for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Just check out the amazing video above.

Update – Grand theft Auto Online will support up to 16 players at one time, it will launch on October 1st and will be available completely free if you brought Grand Theft Auto V.

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  1. rico_fiasco

    8 / 15 / 2013 9:04 pm

    Good Shit.

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  2. 8 / 16 / 2013 1:19 am

    Defiantly cant wait for this, my last game on current gen.


  3. Dan

    8 / 17 / 2013 6:26 am

    this is gonna be awesome but only downside to multiplayer is that its limited to 16 players ffs, 16 players on that huge map….. its prob cuz its on current gen hardware, maybe if gtav comes to next gen that number will increase.

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