The DLB-Network Gaming Podcast – Episode 174


This week we have a lot of people! Just kidding, it’s a relatively small show this time but still filled with a lot of interesting topics, including Adam Orth and his “always-on” tweets and resulting controversy, we also talk about EA earning the highly valued award of the worst company in America, along with the possibility of PS4 launching worldwide at the end of this year at a possible price of $530, all that and more on this weeks DLB-Network Gaming Podcast! Listen to the show after the break:

Featuring: DLB, Hoodnerd, TheTriggaMan, BlindMango

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  • Voice Questions – We now let people make questions by recording it and we will play it back live on the show! Leave us a voice question by clicking on the tab on the right side of the site that says “Podcast Voicemail” and get to recording a short message, it’s actually very simple!
  • Tweet your Questions – MikeDemo also accepts questions on his twitter page and reads it off on the show every now and then, it’s best to submit questions on Thursday afternoons for North America or early Friday mornings for Europe while the podcast is being recorded (We usually start recording around 10PM Central Time).
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