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24. April, 2013 PS3, Xbox 360 No comments

While I’m filing this one as a rumor, I think by the high-quality box art and the source of the leak; this is a pretty done deal, but here goes.

Earlier today, Tesco, the biggest grocery retailer in the UK; today leaked the box art and title of what is rumored to be the next Call of Duty game.

The listing has (surprisingly) already been taken down but once something touches the internet, it can never go ‘ghost’ again (excuse the pun).

The listing suggested it will be released on current gen consoles only, what do you guys think of the news? Personally I’m a little fatigued with the series but I think I might jump back in next-gen after my break from the franchise.

It’s worth noting that the game is being developed by Infinity Ward, yet it isn’t Modern Warfare 4, however the box art seems to feature Ghost, the character that wore the same mask in Modern Warfare 2. With an official reveal expected on May 1st, we’re sure to know more soon. A gamer on YouTube by the name of “DriftOr” has released a video with information regarding the next title that he said he got from a “very reliable source”, you can see that video after the break.

As ever, comments!

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