Sony Confirms Over 100 Vita Games This Year, The Walking Dead is One of Them


Some interesting Vita News coming from IGN today reveals that the Vita will be having a confirmed 100 games to release on it this year. Don Mesa, PlayStation’s director of product planning and platform software innovation was having a chat with them and shared a few interesting facts like the console has an 86% “satisfaction rate” among gamers. Also, 90% of PS Vita owners play their system “on a regular basis,” which is once a week. He also said Vita owners use their portable console 18.7 hours per week.

Mesa talked about Vita games that are yet to be announced, stating that it has “got some [games] in the works that I can’t talk about right now. There are games that [Sony] Worldwide Studios guys are building that are… going to be very interesting and innovative, but to give it away too early… we’re always worried about copycats.”

Don Mesa has also revealed that The Walking Dead from Telltale will be coming to the PlayStation Vita, although no information on a release date or whether the second season will be making an appearance on the Vita.

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