Sony Inviting Us to “See The Future” on February 20th, Releases Interesting Teaser Video

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That past week has shown us quite a bit of news regarding releases, teases, and announcements, but I think that this bit of news has just topped the charts, it has definitely sent the Internet ablaze with talk, rumors, and predictions!

The video above is part of a whole website you can visit here that Sony has just launched telling people to “see the future” on February 20th EST. What is on the website is this very interesting video plus a message to “be the first to know,” asking for your email address and your date of birth, probably a way to send notifications to people to view the live event in New York, which will supposedly be aired on that website and the PlayStation Blog website.

The video itself is very interesting because at the four second mark, people report of being able to see the console when the light hits the screen, looking at what appears to be a squared off, glassy or glossy surface, possibly with components or a disc drive on the side, interesting! There are also many other interesting things in this video like the circle button having a yellow glow, hinting at a color change to yellow instead of it’s usual red color, will the color of the button be changed on the controller too? More importantly, will this be the announcement of the PlayStation 4? Let us know what you think, either way, it’s very interesting indeed!

Set your calendars!

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