Rumor: New PS Vita SKU, PS Vita “Price Cut”


So if you’re no newcomer to gaming, then you know it is one of the most rumor-filled facets of entertainment.  The newest rumor concerns a recent patent Sony has filed for the PlayStation Vita, as well as some changes and a “price cut.”   Hit the jump to learn more…

Vita Patent

Apparently, a patent was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Sony for what appears to be a new PS Vita model.   The newly designed model has some changes to the bottom of the device including new ports such as a new USB port, power supply connector and FINALLY (as some have yearned for this) an HDMI connector.

This is troubling in one way, as your old power cords will no longer  be compatible with this new Vita.   However, the news of the addition of an HDMI-out port could make some of you forget about that.   You’ll finally be able to hook up your Vita to your HDTV’s and game–if that’s your cup o’ tea, that is.

Other rumors circling around the blogosphere include a new full-fledged firmware update, memory card price cuts (no specifics given yet), and a Vita “price cut”, all to be revealed on the 20th of February.    You might ask,”Why the quotations around ‘price cut’?”   I’ll tell you why:

Sony is following their usual route of giving you more value for your hard-earned money in lieu of a traditional price cut. (no quotations  :p )     They’re planning on releasing a 4G model Vita at the same $299 pricepoint as well as continuing selling the $249 WiFi model.

While I admire their passion for staying on the cutting edge of tech in their hardware revisions, the business side of me feels like this could be a poor business decision.    Many people would much rather see $199/$249 WiFi Vita & 3G/WiFi Vita pricing instead of packing better tech for the same price; but we all know Sony and they’re all about staying ahead of the curve tech-wise.    Still, I wonder how this one will fare if this rumor is to be believed.

Regarding the memory cards receiving a price-cut, I believe that would be incredibly smart of them to do, as that’s been a huge hinderance to millions of gamers who want the Vita, but can’t justify spending such extortionate prices on memory cards.    Hopefully, they’ll be much more competitive with the new pricing scheme they choose.   32GB of memory should NOT be $99.   LoL   I’d say it should be around $50 for that, at the most.    But, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Finally, the firmware being overhauled could be great.   We could finally see tweaks and changes that gamers have been asking for.    Hopefully, we’ll see some great third-party Apps.

Either way, I know I cannot wait for the 20th and I know you all can’t either.

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