PlayStation Plus: March Content for Europe


So, amid all of the PS4 madness, Sony has announced Europe’s PS+ Content update, and it’s pretty neat!

- Kicking it off is Dead or Alive 5 (see what I did there? ;))
- Secondly on the PS3 side of the game is Joe Danger 2
- But then there’s the showpiece: Mass Effect 3!

- On the Vita, Puddle a game that must have dribbled under my radar (BOOM! two in a row :))

… And finally, MGS HD Collection!

You can always head over to PS.Blog for the full rundown, but Sony just aren’t as entertaining, right.. Right?

So what do you all think? I’m particularly interested in you gamers from across the pond (US!) as I agree… The US’s updates have been pretty lackluster in comparison the last couple of months.

Thoughts in the comments as always,

Happy Gaming,


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  1. 2 / 22 / 2013 7:43 pm

    This has to be some kind of joke… Eff you Europe!!! lol

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  2. 2 / 22 / 2013 10:03 pm

    MGS HD Collection? Seriously? WTF.

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  3. Game-Critic

    3 / 5 / 2013 8:09 am

    Yo I need to get a Euro sub of PS+ its worth having PS+ in two different regions. I wanted Sleeping Dogs so bad. Also do you see the good amount of Vita games coming to PS+. SONY is trying to make us buy those expensive ass Vita cards lol.

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