PS Webstore To Get Remote Downloads, PS3/Vita Integrated PayPal, Sony “Looking Into” Store App

24. January, 2013 PS Vita, PS3, PSN 2 comments

So the PlayStation Webstore has finally released today in North America, and it is pretty darn nice, providing a nice, quick interface and some account management, along with PayPal payment options without even having to turn on a PlayStation device.

There are some questions raised for this new webstore, and these comments were instantly brought to the Official PlayStation Blog comments section. Kristine Steimer was nice enough to answer some questions (including mine!) about the future of the PlayStation store, and its integration with PS3, Vita, and even other devices.

Automatic Remote Downloads – The ability to buy something on the webstore and then have it start instantly downloading on your PS3/Vita console when you turn it on is not a feature yet, you still have to go in the Store app, OR go to account management (which is much easier) and find your downloads there, but promises of “automatic remote downloads” are seen in the main news post for the webstore and in the comments section, Sony says to “stay tuned” for details on that.

PayPal Integration on PS3/Vita – PayPal is now a way to add funds to your wallet… only on the webstore, the PS3 and Vita do not have this functionality yet, but fear not, because I raised this question, and Kristine kindly answered, “That is something we’re working on, but no ETA yet.” So, good to know that’s coming, hopefully sooner than later!

Dedicated PlayStation Store App – This is also something that is also wanted from PSN gamers, and I asked if we would also be seeing an Official PlayStation Store come to places like iOS, Android, Windows 8, etc and Kristine said, “We know this is something that folks want, and it’s something we are looking into. Nothing to really discuss at this time, however.” – So who knows with this one right now, at least it’s being looked into though.

So there you go, it’s nice to have a webstore and great to see Sony adding some cool stuff down the line.

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    1 / 24 / 2013 7:44 pm

    No remote download!! This is useless to me then…

    But I know someone will enjoy this as for me I’m not even gonna bother looking at it until they add remote download.

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  2. 2 / 15 / 2013 11:59 am

    Bring the old PS Store back, it takes 10 mins for me to dowload something that is free while in the old store i could dowload a free demo in less than 10 secs.

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