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From the early days of me playing Super Mario Brothers on my original Nintendo. I never truly needed to have another player plugged into the P2 socket in order for me to enjoy myself. Even with my older brothers and sister forcing me to play games that allowed for us all to play side by side. The need for them to actually be there playing with me never really existed. Fast forward a bit to the days of the N64 and beyond. I have started to notice that having another person there playing a karting, racing, or fighting game made things all the better. And now with current generation gaming consoles it is almost a need to be connected, linked, or in a some sort of a “Party” for fun to really exist. Not that I have a problem with it at all, I am just stating how things have changed. Now I find myself asking my friends “what console are you buying that game on?”. So that we can all enjoy the fun together. And with the introduction of Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move controller. Playing with friends has taken another large twist in terms of gaming. Not even mentioning what Nintendo was able to do with the original Wii. All of this really has me thinking what more in store do these companies have in store for us gamers. The more I think about it the more and more I become eager for the next generation of gaming to begin and to further evolve the way we game today.

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  1. Machee

    1 / 3 / 2013 6:21 pm

    well said.

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    1 / 4 / 2013 9:37 pm

    i really think last generation was better than this one, sure ive enjoy my share of COD gaming but honestly last generation had a vast selection of games that didnt make it to this one.. so far, like one of my favorite games of last Gen Onimusha.

    i would like to say exactly what i feel about this but there is a limited amount i can say with text, the wii sucked, well from a hardcore perspective but with my last words i would like to thank nintendo for evolving to the only true next gen gaming (motion) this time done right… well kind of.

    and FUCK microsoft for destroying this GEN by buying everyone so they stay exclusive in a way. and FUCK sony for over promising.

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    • DaTriggerMan

      1 / 5 / 2013 6:23 pm

      Over promising from Sony I think bothered me more than anything.


      • Game-Critic

        1 / 5 / 2013 7:15 pm

        Like? What did they over promise that they haven’t come through? I remember Microsoft telling me I could order pizza while playing Halo….make and sell my own Tony Hawk swag (Hi Velocity Girl ;) )

        What the hell did Sony over promise any of us on?
        They never told me back in 2006 my PS3 would be able to play 3D games….that was a great surprise. they never promised me PSN would be better than XBOX LIVE….But PS+ sure does kick the shit out of it like the nerdy kid on the school play ground finally standing up to the school yard bully. Did they break their promise on the games they said would look better/play better than the competition?….Uncharted 2/3 says Hi…..God of War 3 says Hi…..KZ3 says whats up……and The last of Us will say goodbye and enter the PS4 which I can only hope and assume will live up to the hype the PS3 may have fallen short of.

        I think SONY has done a hell of a job this gen with all the disasters from the economy/ media forced upon it. SONY’s biggest problem is that they need to release more firmware that adds better features frequently and stay on top of what gamers want. But anyway I’m curious to know what over promises bothered you from SONY that they haven’t really delivered or tried to.

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        • rico_fiasco

          1 / 5 / 2013 7:36 pm

          I think they over promised with the social integration in the PS3. Most PS3 users envied XBL because of cross game chat/party invites, in game music, seamless game invites, etc. Of course some of these features couldn’t be implemented due to hardware patent limitation, but they found subtle workout rounds for some of those features. But I think the biggest let down was Playstation HOME. They hype it up to the fullest, only sending out beta invites to a select few, and they pushed back the date when they would send out more beta invites, and eventually they opened the beta up to everyone else and when they did, it wasn’t what they promised. They took out a lot of chat features, they promised that you would be able to put pictures and video from your harddrive on a picture frame or tv thats in your home space or even stream you own music when you had people over. They promised a whole lot with HOME but look what it has become today, a hangout spot for creepers and pedophiles. Other than that, Sony has followed through when it comes to software. But judging by the PS Vita, I think SONY will play their cards right and really give people what they want, just as long as they dont block used games.

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  3. Game-Critic

    1 / 5 / 2013 9:31 pm

    “I think they over promised with the social integration in the PS3. Most PS3 users envied XBL because of cross game chat/party invites, in game music, seamless game invites, etc.”

    We all know thats more of a memory and culture thing. The split memory SONY fucked up but those features were present at one time according to IGN early in the development cycle of PS3. Why things change I don’t know but the Vita shows SONY will make it right come next gen. Also on the culture thing you have to realize (everyone) that the japanese aren’t into social gaming like the west, Americans especially. SONY is a Japanese machine, Japanese culture is more quiet nature than Americans. XBOX 360 is American hence the love of the social features on LIVE. Americans are big mouth shit talking show offs unlike that prideful and shy nature Japanese. SONY didn’t have a clue that social gaming was that important because their main focus at that time was to keep their console with cultural traditions I guess to single player style games.

    Yes they fucked up get over it but the PS4 will do better because SONY sees how important it is to the western consumer now. I have Japanese people on my friends list and they haven’t signed on in the pass 1-2 years and thats because culturally they dont care about social networking features in their games……..Hence why XBOX has and will always fail in JAPAN. Why must the same shit be re-said every 6 months. its common sense man.

    Now on to HOME…..YES HOME was a let down but it wasn’t announced back in 2005/2006. Nobody bought a PS3 for HOME….if someone tells you that they’re full of shit. HOME was a Phil Harrison thing mostly and once he left so did all the cool concepts of what HOME would be too. With that said HOME has sustained itself and has a following. Sorry its not Facebook or twitter of gaming and if it was I still wouldn’t use it so thank GOD for that.

    I’m just tired of people looking at SONY like they are the only ones dropping the ball. They are juggling like 3 to 4 systems at once PS2,PSP,PS3,and the Vita and lets not forget PSN is its own big thing too. Here I got something for you….Why can’t I see my Tony Hawk swag on LIVE??? I wanna make some money M$ like you “PROMISED” at E3 2005…..hey Beat Builder hit the XBOX button on your controller and order us some pizza man in the middle of our awesome game match in HALO…..what you can’t?! OMG M$ didn’t keep their “PROMISED FEATURE” Trigg…..They “LIED” to us….I’m “DISAPPOINTED” Guess we’ll have to wait for XBOX LIVE 3.0 so I can make some money selling my Tony Hawk swag with Verlocity Girl :D

    Headline should say GAMERS ARE EVOLVING…..into ungrateful cry babies. If you bought your PS3 on day 1 (really week 2 for me ;) ) You got it because you love the PlayStation franchise and the games SONY are known for producing. The other bells and whistles come 2nd. I don’t want some jerk off in my ear telling me he took a mean shit the other day while I’m playing God of war 3 or Final Fantasy and I’m concentrating on the story. I don’t want to listen to 50 cent while I’m driving around the city of angels in L.A. Noire and I damn sure hate when I get a message in the middle of a cutscene that blocks something important and now i just missed a crucial key to the game. Its all good as an option but I’m far from disappointed by not having that stuff.

    Sony did a hell of a job this gen and I can’t think of anything worth while they over promised that even remotely matters to what they console was meant to do in the first place and thats play awesome games that the competition can’t even come close to.

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