The Gamers Rant Episode 4 – Sony: “I Am Your Marketing”

2. November, 2012 PS3, Videos 1 comment

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Episode 4 of the gamers rant covers Sony once again, but this time negative. I rant about why Sony is failing to market their PlayStation brand properly.

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  1. Game-Critic

    11 / 28 / 2012 11:42 am

    Hehehe I feel you on everything you said U.S. Army trust me, but you’re hella right about one thing. You and me and every other PlayStation fan are SONY’s marketing and they rely heavily on us via word of mouth to push their products whether they want to come out and admit it themselves.

    The problem is SONY has lost so much money this gen that they really don’t want to or can afford proper marketing anymore. They rather take a gamble on us but they fail to realize their hardcore PlayStation 1 and 2 fanbase many years ago have diminished by half cause we’re all grown up and all taken different paths in life now. Some have went to M$ while others have stopped gaming all together.

    Its very tricky in this industry now. When a game like Starhawk doesn’t do a million in the first 3 months or LBP isn’t generating the cash it deserves its easiest to blame marketing first, but that still shouldn’t hold quality down. I see more commercials and ads for Honda accords but we all know BMW is still a better car and theres plenty of them on the road with less advertising. Maybe I’m comparing apples to oranges but you get my point and I get yours. Keep up the good vids man ;)

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