DLBTV: Let’s Talk: Future of “PSN Social”

DLB talks about what he proposes for the future of PlayStation Network for when it debuts on the PlayStation 4/Orbis. He referrs to it as “PlayStation Social Network” and recommends how Sony should really push on social capabilities of PSN, where it is currently lacking. DLB gives some of his recommendations on the specifics of exactly what needs to be done also.

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  1. Carl

    11 / 5 / 2012 5:40 am

    I agree. Sony should be enhancing and improving every aspect of the playstation experience. I like what they have done with the psn store. Bigger more robust graphics, larger text, better over all design. I would like to see that same construct in design throughout the playstation experience, XBL etc… Also would like to see Theme section get a major upgrade on PS3 and later on Orbis. A control panel that would allow control over Theme sound volume including on/off/replace sound. Note.. I have purchased a number of dynamic themes I don’t use because the sound effect hurts my ears its so bad. Also would like to see opacity control for XMB when I would like to enjoy my dynamic theme without the XMB getting in the way. Maybe add a setting so XMB fades out, but then returns when the gamer picks up or shakes the joystick. Final thought, Gamers should be able to customize thier playstation experience even more. Make it thier own. Everything from a gamers ID Card to the Playstation screen.

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  2. Game-Critic

    11 / 28 / 2012 10:47 am

    You hit the nail on the head man the only problem is DLB you’re American and SONY is a Japanese ran company. They don’t think about social media like we do over here and its cost them dearly this generation. Hopefully next gen they’ll open their eyes and ears focus more on the American market as the industry most important group but only time will tell. I’m sure they’ve heard it millions of times already in and out of house development where they need to go with the next PlayStation and honestly I think the PS4 will everything we all wanted the PS3 to be.

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