COD: Black Ops II: Prestiges, Trophies, Perks and more


Over the last couple of days I have been working on putting this list together of all the info you need to know about COD: Black Ops II, from Perks all the way down to the Scorestreaks and Perks list. The game releases to the world on 11/13/12 in North Americaso to get you prepared go ahead and take a look at the list after the break. Assault rifle:

  • AN-94
  • SMR
  • M8A1
  • Type 25
  • SA58
  • Sig 556
  • SCAR-H
  • m1216
  • Seiga 12
  • R870-MCS
Light machine guns:
  • LSAT
  • Mk 48
Sniper rifles:
  • DSR-50
  • SVU-AS
  • Ballista
Sub-machine guns:
  • MP7
  • Chicom QCB
  • PDW-57
  • Skorpion EVO 3
  • MSMC
  • SMAW
  • RPG
  • FJH-18AA
Assault rifle attachments:
  • Reflex Scope
  • ACOG
  • Target Finder — Sight which highlights enemies when they enter the field-of-view
  • Hybrid Optic
  • Suppresser
  • Fast Mag
  • Adjustable Stock
  • Quickdraw
  • Grenade Scanner
  • Millimeter Scanner
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Select Fire
  • FMJ
  • Extended Clip
Pistols only attachments:
  • Reflex
  • Suppressor
  • Extended Clip
  • Fast Mag
  • FMJ
  • Dual Wield
  • Laser Sight

 Perks:Tier 1 perks

  • Flag Jacket - Take less explosive damage
  • Ghost - Undetectable by enemy UAVs while moving
  • Blind Eye - Undetectable by enemy AI-controlled scorestreaks
  • Lightweight - Move faster, take no fall damage
  • Hardline - Receive bonus score points

Tier 2 perks

  • Scavenger - Replenish ammunition and grenades from fallen enemies
  • Hard-wired - Immune to Counter-UAVs and EMPs
  • Toughness - Reduces the amount of flinching when shot
  • Cold Blooded - Undetectable by targeting systems such as Dual Band, Target Finder, Sensor Grenades and Player-controlled Scorestreaks
  • Fast hands - Swap grenades faster, use grenades and equipment faster and safely throw back frag grenades

Tier 3 perks

  • Engineer - Show enemy equipment in the world, delay explosives, re-roll and booby trap enemy care packages
  • Extreme Conditioning - sprint longer
  • Dead Silence - Quieter movement
  • Awareness - Enemy movements are louder
  • Dexterity - Climb ladders and mantle over object faster. Recover from melee faster, and aim faster after sprinting
  • Tactical Mask - Reduces the effect of stun grenades, slash and shock charges


  • Primary Gunfighter - Allows a 3rd attachment for your primary weapon
  • Secondary Gunfighter - Allows a 2nd attachment for your secondary weapon
  • Overkill - Carry a primary weapon in place of your secondary
  • Danger Close - Carry a second lethal
  • Tactician - Carry a tactical in place of your lethal
  • Perk 1-3 Greed - Carry 1 extra perk from tier 1-2-3 (3x)
  • RCC — 325 points — A remote-controlled car packed with explosives.
  • UAV — 375 points — Shows enemies on the mini-map.
  • Hunter Killer — 400 points — Airborne drone that seeks out and destroys a nearby target.
  • Care Package — 450 points — Air drop a random Scorestreak.
  • Counter-UAV — 475 points — Temporarily disables enemy radar.
  • Guardian — 500 points — Projects microwave field which stuns and impairs enemies.
  • Hellstorm Missile — 525 points — An air-to-surface missile which can be scattered into a cluster bomb while falling.
  • Lightning Strike — 550 points — Launch a coordinated lightning strike on three locations.
  • Death Machine — 600 points — Your own personal handheld mini-gun.
  • Sentry Gun — 650 points — An automatic sentry gun which can be remote-controlled.
  • War Machine — 700 points — Grenade launcher with rapid, semi-automatic firing.
  • Dragonfire — 725 points — Remote-controlled quad-rotor with lightweight machine gun.
  • AGR — 800 points — Air drop an autonomous ground robot that searches for and destroys enemies and can be remote controlled.
  • Stealth Chopper — 850 points — Call in a stealth helicopter which does not appear on the enemy’s mini-map.
  • Orbital VSAT — 900 points — Shows both enemy position and direction on the mini-map, cannot be shot down.
  • Escort Drone — 1000 points — Get personal air support from an escort drone.
  • Warthog — 1025 points — Jet aircraft that provides close air support with several strafe runs.
  • EMP Systems — 1050 points — Temporarily disables enemy electronics.
  • Lodestar — 1150 points — Lase missile targets remotely from the Lodestar.
  • VTOL Warship — 1200 points — Be the gunner of a powerful VTOL Warship.
  • Canine Unit — 1275 points — Attack dogs that hunt down the enemy.
  • Swarm — 1400 points — Call in a swarm of lethal Hunter Killer drones that search and destroy enemies.
Rank levels:
  • 55 Levels
  • 10 Prestiges (Image Below)


Developer’s Commentary (Multiplayer Reveal Trailer):

Behind the Scenes:


All retail copy variations of Call of Duty: Black Ops II:

Care Package: Pre-Order the Care Package Special Edition   Pre-Order the Harden Special Edition


Black Ops II Trophies/Achievements

No Man Left Behind
Rescue Woods – 20G/

Gathering Storm
Investigate the jungle facility – 20G/

Shifting Sands
Gather intel on Raul Menendez from Mullah Rahmaan – 20G/

Driven by Rage
Take down Menendez and his operation – 20G/

Gather information on Raul Menendez’ suspected terrorist plot – 20G/

What Happens in Colossus…
Find the Karma weapon – 20G/

 False Profit
Capture Manuel Noriega and bring him to justice – 20G/

Deep Cover
Capture Menendez – 20G/

Sinking Star
Interrogate Menendez – 20G/

Late for the Prom
Escort the president to the secure location in downtown LA – 20G/

Death from Above
Stop Menendez once and for all – 50G/

Old Fashioned
Complete “Pyrrhic Victory”, “Old Wounds”, “Time and Fate” and “Suffer With Me” in Veteran – 50G/

Complete all future levels in Veteran – 50G/

Giant Accomplishment
Complete all challenges in Black Ops 2 – 50G/

Mission Complete
Complete all challenges in a level – 10G/

Just Gettin’ Started
Complete 1 challenge in any level – 10G/

Singapore Sling
Successfully neutralize the SDC freighter at Keppel Terminam – 15G/

Desert Storm
Successfully escort the VIPs to safety – 15G/

Successfully defend FOB Spectre from incursion – 15G/

Black Ops 2 Master
Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty – 15G/

Art of War
Successfully assassinate SDC Chariman Tian Zhao – 25G/

Blind Date
Successfully rescue HVI – 15G/

Family Reunion
There are two futures – 10G/

Hey Good Looking
Plastic surgery avoided – 10G/

A duel between rivals – 15G/

Dirty Business
Listen and think before you shoot – 15G/

Ship Shape
Reinforcements on the way – 10G/

Dead or Alive
Jailor or executioner – 15G/

Ultimate Sacrifice
Only one can survive – 15G/

Good Karma
Crack the celerium worm – 20G/

High IQ
Collect all intel – 20G/

Back in Time
Use a future weapon in the past – 10G/

Man of the People
Stop the brutality inflicted by the PDF – 15G/

Gun Nut
Complete a level with customized loadout – 10G/

Ten K
Minimum score of 10k in every mission – 15G/

Welcome to the Club
Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in multiplayer Public match – 10G/

Welcome to the Penthouse
Prestige once in multiplayer Public match – 50G/

Big Leagues
Win 5 multiplayer League Play games after being placed in a division – 20G/

Trained Up
Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Combat Training playlists – 10G/

Party Animal
Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Party Games playlists – 10G/

Tower of Babble
In TranZit, obey the voices – 75G/

Don’t Fire Until You See
In TranZit, have all doors opened without being set on fire – 30G/

The Lights Of Their Eyes
In Green  Run, pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP – 5G/

Undead Man’s Party Bus
In TranZit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game – 15G/

Dance On My Grave
In Green Run, acquire your tombstone – 5G/

Standard Equipment May Vary
In TranZit, acquire 4 different eqippable items in 1 game – 25G/

You Have No Power Over Me
You have no power over me – 15G/

I Don’t Think They Exist
In TranZit, kill one of the denizens of the forest while it is latched onto you – 10G/

Fuel Efficient
In TranZit, use an alternative mode of transport – 10G/

Happy Hour
In TranZit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power – 10G/

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