Dropbox Support Quietly Added to PS3 in Latest Update

8. February, 2012 PS3, PSN 3 comments

You may have seen the update notes for the latest PS3 update v4.10, which includes a seriously nice, new Internet Browser performance update, but what you may have not heard is that the Dropbox Website now works with your PlayStation 3 as a result of the Internet Browser revamp!

That’s right, now you are able to download virtually any media file directly from your Dropbox account onto your PlayStation 3 now, no more pesky USB drives, or memory sticks needed! The PS3 does have some freezing issues though, when trying to upload a file to the Dropbox.

You can use this for music, movies, and some other things also, heck, maybe the Vita will also have this type of support for Dropbox too!

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  1. 2 / 8 / 2012 8:38 pm

    The PS3 Only Does Everything, plus more in each firmware update. haha The Vita does even more. I heard the Vita will now have video capture. That means the PS4 will have video capture as well. Sweet!!

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  2. Game-Critic

    2 / 9 / 2012 7:15 am

    LOL I just asked C Lewis to make a article about this in another article (scratch that C-Lew) but yea I tried this out last night it works ok but no upload and you can’t download a group of things at once.

    Haha Blumatt is having fun up above :D

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  3. LiLxEz

    2 / 11 / 2012 10:00 am

    Awesome feature1

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