Zipper Shows More of Their Vita Game – Unit 13

Zipper Interactive, the makers of SOCOM, are hard at work on creating a Vita game called “Unit 13″, which mainly focuses on instantly jumping in and quickly playing a few rounds on the go, it’s a social-heavy shooter, constantly keeping you updated on what your friends are up to in the game along with allowing you to play a friend in a co-op game at certain instanced too. Here’s a quick rundown of a few things seen in this game in a new video below.

The game is due to release “sometime around the launch of the Vita” … Instead of having traditional single-player and multiplayer aspects that most shooter games does, this game does it a little different, it gives always changing objectives for you to do with different scenarios, this supposedly makes the game very replayable. You’re able to play with a friend through co-op or by yourself. They say you can’t play co-op over 3G (only Wi-Fi) but you can get friend statistics and updates though. The game looks interesting nonetheless and should feel familiar to a usual Zipper Interactive game.

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  1. DiPLoMaTiC_Wayz

    1 / 12 / 2012 2:48 pm

    They need to stop bullshitting and release socom 2 hd. Vote for it!

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