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Remember that trailer that Sony released about a week ago?  Everyone and their mother’s dog was taking guesses at what it was and what it meant exactly.  that trailer released a few days ago got a considerable amount of traffic, nearly 2.4 million views on only a few days. Just several more thousand views and that makes it PlayStation’s most watched YouTube video on their YouTube channel. Well, the continuation to that trailer is out now and it turns out it’s a continuation of the Long Live Play marketing campaign.  Although it’s not the home revamp, XMB redesign,cross game chat, or Playstation Smash Bros it’s still pretty cool.

I’ve spotted

  • Nathan Drake – Uncharted Series
  • Lightning – Final Fantasy XIII and XII-2
  • Cole McGrath – Infamous series
  • Isaac Clarke – Dead Space
  • Ghost – MW2
  • Hitman guy forgot his name :P
  • Sweet tooth – Twisted Metal Series
  • Joe Mauer –  MLB The Show
  • Old/Solid Snake – Metal Gear Solid Series
  • Chell – Portal 2
  • Sackboy –  Little Big Planet Series
  • Athena & Kratos – God of War Series
  • Helghast Soldiers – Killzone Series
  • Chimera – Resistance Series
  • USC Football Player – NCAA Football
  • Omaha Soldiers – Medal of Honor Series/Call of Duty possibly
  • Bioshock Girl – Bioshock Series
  • Ezio – Assassin’s Creed Series

If you spot anything else leave a comment below.  Also i’m fairly sure that Nolan North who played Nathan Drake and David Hayter who played Old Snake in this short film reprise their roles.  The same goes for Cole McGrath, Athena, Ghost, and ISA Soldier, but i’m not sure.

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  1. ColeBeans

    10 / 5 / 2011 9:09 am

    ahaha, what the hell

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  2. rico_fiasco

    10 / 5 / 2011 12:53 pm

    What do Sony and Apple have in common? They’re able to build the suspense and hype up millions of people only to reveal something to you wasn’t even worth waiting for.

    Thats two for two this week…What other companies want to let me down? Anybody? Microsoft????

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  3. 10 / 5 / 2011 3:40 pm

    I thought it was pretty cool of Sony. It gets people who aren’t into gaming to see characters that they might be interested in. I think it’s pretty smart, though not as comedic as the Kevin Butler ads.

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    • rico_fiasco

      10 / 5 / 2011 6:02 pm

      i thought it was pretty cool too but i just kinda feel that it was sort of anticlimactic.

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