Valve Explains more Steam Features For Portal 2 on PS3


For those who are unaware, a while back Valve announced that they are bringing their Steam service to PSN. This means both Steam and the PSN services will operate side-by-side while you are playing your PS3 ¬†for a better gaming experience. For those of you who don’t know what Steam is, it is one of the Mac/PC’s biggest online gaming services and you will be able to soon access some steam information through your PS3 while playing this game. Valve has not confirmed all of the available features for Steam through PS3 until now though. Steam on PS3 will have the following features while you play Portal

  • Cross-platform (PS3 & PC) matchmaking and gameplay.
  • Access to steam friends and chat.
  • Steam achievements will be awarded along with PSN trophies.
  • Ability to save co-op and save game progress to Steam Cloud.
  • You can access to Steam overlay to send messages, view friends, etc…
So quite a cool list of features here, I’m sure people can’t wait to check out, keep in mind you will have to link your PSN account with your Steam Account before getting access to these features when Portal 2 releases. Hopefully Valve will include this for future games and who knows, maybe other developers would be able to do this as-well if possible.
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  1. 4 / 13 / 2011 6:13 pm

    I’m definitely getting the PS3 version. Such a good value to get both games for the one $60 price. Plus, we get all the Steamworks features. Thanks Sony and Valve for hooking us up with this incredible deal.

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  2. Gabeusmc19

    4 / 16 / 2011 4:46 am

    Getting on PS3.

    The cake is a mother fuckin lie. Bitches lol

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  3. Christendom

    4 / 16 / 2011 12:18 pm

    Now, that’s what I’m talking about! Sony already built a great multitasking machine, now they are really building a great cross platform gaming service.

    With this news, I AM IMPRESSED WITH SONY, AGAIN!

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