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6. March, 2011 Site 7 comments

As most of you have noticed, the news has be coming a little slow lately and we hope this will be one big fix for the issue, please welcome a new author to the site MAXVTEC, his bio below.

It has been over two decades since I played a video game for the first time, I started the same way as thousands of other gamers playing Super Mario on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Oh what a glorious day that was until I found out my controller was not plugged in. The first game console I could really call my own was a Super Nintendo, by 1996 I moved on to the revolutionary Playstation One clocking in thousands of gameplay hours and pay thousands of dollars in electric bills. Then the Playstation 2 came out and I partied like it was that Y2K thing all over again.

I’m currently on my third Xbox 360, first two died from a horrible depressing decease called RROD. On November 10, 2006 I experienced what it was like to be a homeless sleeping outside an electronic store waiting for it to open next morning to purchase my Playstation 3. It got worse, when they finally opened the store me and about 50 other frozen souls were slapped across the face with “we don’t have any PS3′s,”¬†and then a sour after taste, “we do have Nintendo Wii’s in stock”. After all the pain and suffering I finally got my Playstation 3 months later during the second shipment. In my opinion, the Playstation 3 is one of the most beautiful consoles ever made. Shiny and expensive like a diamond, its eye candy with sexy curves like a super model.

When it comes to games, I don’t even know where to start. I have played them all well, at least the good ones. Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Ico, you name it i have probably played it. I’m currently enjoying Killzone 3, when it comes to trophies I’m still in level 13. I owned a Wii but sold it because the graphics were horrible, I was playing COD W@W online once and I could not tell if it was a bush or someone shooting at me, it turned out to be a dog. Like most gamers I like to stay current with technology I also own a few iOS devices, PSP GO, and I owned a DS at some point in my life. Last but not least, I defected from Windows to the Mac operating system about a year ago and I’m glad I jumped out of that window.

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  1. 3 / 6 / 2011 5:01 am

    Welcome mate :)

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  2. Jason S

    3 / 6 / 2011 7:51 am

    lol nice quick admission to the team, im sure youll bring a lot in terms of articles.

    good luck :D

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  3. 3 / 6 / 2011 8:34 am

    Welcome man, I’m sure you won’t disappoint!

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    3 / 6 / 2011 8:43 am

    Thanks guys, I will start slow at first until I get use to it but I can assure you I will always post news and I will try to be original writing my own articles relevant to this site so thanks every.


  5. Christendom

    3 / 6 / 2011 2:27 pm


    I not going to say welcome because you’ve been here long before there was even a website so, I will just say, “It’s about time!”

    Like MikeDemo1, I am confident that you will bring a very balance side to this site’s news, game reviews, and company analysis. In short, you will be fair!

    Anyway, thanks for contributing to this site and enjoy the journey.

    P.S. If you are offered to join the crew on a podcast…do it! It will be a good show.

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  6. LiLxEz

    3 / 6 / 2011 7:23 pm

    welcome bro, good luck hope to see great articles

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  7. 3 / 8 / 2011 5:33 pm

    Good to see another DLB Network member. I hope to see more articles on the site now. This site just seems to keep on growing. I haven’t commented in awhile. I’m usually on N4G now alot, but I hate that site now cause people are dicks on there. haha But I’ve been listening to every podcast that’s been up for the last 3 years. Keep it up DLB Network!

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