Killzone 3 Releases Tonight

21. February, 2011 PS3, Site, Xbox 360 6 comments

Tonight at midnight the much hyped Killzone 3 will release for the Playstation 3. I will be updating my twitter periodically as I will be picking it up tonight and will be playing online. Be sure to follow The_US_ARMY for all updates as I will post what room I will be playing in and how you can link up with me through the night. As well as my opinion as I begin to play, and much more. Another notable release tonight is Bulletstorm, which will also come with a code to be in the Gears of War 3 Beta down the road.

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    2 / 21 / 2011 8:39 pm

    I’m waiting for this game 4 more hours from my end, I’m one of the idiots buying the sharp shooter too

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    • Christendom

      2 / 21 / 2011 11:22 pm

      Tell me your thoughts about the Sharp Shooter with Killzone 3. I’m really curious to see how well it plays with this game.

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  2. Anonymous

    2 / 22 / 2011 12:11 am

    I’ll let u know I’m here waiting to pick it up 20 more mins

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    2 / 22 / 2011 9:19 am

    Ok, I have played KZ3 with the sharp shooter for a a few hours now I can give u an honest opinion.

    First let me tell you my 1st impression when I started playing it, I jumped online to get a feel for it and after a two minutes I was starting to regret my investment in this thing I was so frustrated it’s hard to control it and I’ve been playing KZ3 beta with the PS MOVE for a while and I’m really ggod with it but with the sharp shooter it was like playing a video game for the first time in my life.

    I quit the game and started to practice offline with BOTS after about 10 minutes I started to get the hang of and got good at it I was damn near super hero accurate with sniper rifles and any gun aming down the site getting head shots from way across the map. I played the campaign for a few hours and it’s a great experience with the sharp shooter, but i have to admit it’s a challenge because my arm gets tired after a while but I’m able to kill enemies faster because I’m more accurate.


    In my opinion, this is a great add on to the PS MOVE and it works great once you get used to it, at first it’s really frustrating and confusing at first but once you get used to it it works great, it adds stress and fatigue to the gameplay like in real life it’s fun, but o have not been able to play with it online because it’s a lot harder it’s better to just play it with the move with out the sharp shooter, the reason is that the campaign enemies behave like in a real war situation and playing it online people run around like head less chickens which makes it a lot more difficult to shoot maybe once I get used to it I will be able to take it online but for now I play it with the move only which I prefer more than the DS3.

    You should only buy it if you got extra cash but beware it’s hard at first but once you get used to it it’s really good, but you will get tired so keep that in mind.

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    • Christendom

      2 / 22 / 2011 2:11 pm

      Thank you for the accurate description of your experience with the Sharp Shooter. I appreciate your honest opinion and I will give it some serious thought before I buy it.

      Again, thank you.

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    2 / 22 / 2011 3:37 pm

    No problem man Ive been playing it for hours now and I gotten a lot better I’m able to take it online now and I’m able to get some kill streaks 10 to be exact. It’s only a matter of time to really get use to it once you get it it’s a lot more natural than a controller I’m really happy with my purchase now I have to admit the 1st time I try it didn’t like it but now that I’m use to it I love it..

    But here are the bad things a out it,

    1. I get tired after a long time playing it about 30 minutes.
    2. It sucks that I’m not able to recharge the ps move while on the SS this is a big deal to me because I have to take it a part to charge it.
    3. Not a big deal but it’s worth mentioning, the START an SELECT buttons are still on the same place and not on the SS for easier access.

    Overall I’m really enjoying it, and if anyone plans on buying it I suggest you practice with BOTS until you get used to it, play through the campaign and then take it online it will be smooth and natural.

    If anyone wants to add me and get on KZ3 my PSN I’d is: maxvtec

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