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so its took me over a month to get this info onto the site this is due to exams i am currently doing my final GCSE Exams ( The final School Exams ) so i have been so busy i think i have been on my mac twice in the past 3 weeks and that is for a very short amount of time i have finally got a evening free so i have decided to add a couple of posts today and a couple more on the weekend, i’m starting of with motorstorm Apocalypse 3D, read all the info after the break

So the new Motorstorm looks totally different the new surrounding and the buildings, cars and everything else blowing up in the back ground looks great and brings great oppositional to the game as the track will change right in front of you and when playing in 3D right in your face in some cases i ended up ducking and almost feeling something was hitting my face so i am for sure the 3D effects in this game are on a very high standard. The controls and physics are almost the same but you can tell there has been adjustments to the gameplay but not a huge deal from what i could tell. There is still the speed boost and other features like hitting your rivals. The graphics of the game have been improved a lot in this version it is up there with the killzone and uncharted games in my opinion so defiantly a large improvement.

So If you like the old games you will not be disappointed it has many changes and improvements to the game but it also keeps the classic physics and controls so you will pick it quickly and get back to your winning ways or losing very soon, the next game i will talk about is socom 4 on the playstation move.

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