Sony Charges At Kinect Again With New Move Website

13. September, 2010 PS3, Xbox 360 5 comments

Sony hasn’t been afraid to tell Microsoft how it is when it comes to motion controllers, they’ve done it in their ads, the internet, and even press conferences. With the new official PlayStation Move site that recently launched, Sony shows not much of a sign at stopping either. The website gives a bunch of rather hilarious but factual points about Sony’s upcoming motion controller with Kevin Butler plastered all over.

There are many pages of the website that go hard on the Kinect with things like a somewhat questionable checklist in some categories. There is also a hilarious page that tells why it’s important that the Move and any motion controller has buttons, with many obvious Kinect references in the mix. This has been going for quite some time and Microsoft hasn’t said much in return, do you think Microsoft will eventually fight back at Sony?

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  1. Booyaayourmom

    9 / 13 / 2010 5:34 pm

    I dont think so cuz if you really think about it Microsoft really doesn’t have a come-back to say. at least not one that wouldn’t tarnish their business reputation as well as help sell more kinect devices for them.

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  2. Machee

    9 / 14 / 2010 10:18 am

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    • 9 / 14 / 2010 6:34 pm

      You can’t really say that Sony ripped off Nintendo since it’s a well known fact that Sony has been working on the Move since before the Wii even came out. lol

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  3. boooyaayourmom

    9 / 18 / 2010 12:44 pm

    @blumatt: apparently Sony has been working on this since 2001

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    • 9 / 18 / 2010 6:22 pm

      Yeah, I’m not sure the exact year, but I do know they’ve been working on it for a long time before the Wii came out. I’m glad Sony took their time developing it because I just picked up 2 starter kits (one for me and one for my buddy) and one extra Move controller (for me) and they work perfectly and are very fun to play with. I cannot wait to play Sorcery and KZ3 next year with it! Highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested.

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