Killzone 3 To Show You More of the Helghasts Human Side

13. July, 2010 PS3, PSN 2 comments

Herman Hulst of Guerrilla Games has recently described that the Helghasts have a human side of them but view themselves as the superior being and this will focused on being told through the story of Killzone. “Although the Helghast are physically still human, they consider themselves superior to the human race in terms of society and culture.”

“They possess a mentality that’s similar to how the Nazis viewed those not part of the Aryan bloodline. Helghast look down on humans as weak, lying, and spineless.┬áIn Killzone 3, we show that even the Helghast have some humanity left in them. We’re weaving a story that has more shades of grey than the trite representation of ‘good vs. evil’… We explore the notion that even honourable soldiers have to make debatable decisions at times for the greater good — or simply for their own survival.” explained Hulst.

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  1. 7 / 13 / 2010 9:29 am

    Killzone 3 seems to improved on Killzone 2 in every area, including gameplay, story, and by adding a whole new dimension to the game (3D). Also, since the controls are supposed to be snappier now, this game should appeal to aLOT more people. The multiplayer in KZ2 was actually very good, but the controls had such a learning curve since they were so slow that most people didn’t want any part of it. KZ3 looks to be fixing everything from KZ2 and even seems to be pushing out even better graphics.

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  2. Christendom

    7 / 13 / 2010 6:33 pm

    Showing a more social side to the Helghasts is in my opinion, what will make KZ3 even more emotional. Anytime you show the enemy engaging in any kind of civility, one can immediately identify with one’s enemy.

    Something tells me shooting the Helghasts this time around might be more difficult for me if they show them interacting with their families.

    I mean, who really wants to shoot someones kids?

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