Medal of Honor Release Date & New Trailer Revealed

Medal of Honor is EA’s game that will rival Modern Warfare 2, and from what I’ve seen the game looks great. EA has just announced a release date for this game, you will be able to expect it to be on store shelves on October 12th in North America and October 15th in PAL regions. There is also a new trailer up called “Leave A Message” which can be seen above.

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    5 / 5 / 2010 2:05 pm

    Way to go bligo thanks for updating the slowly diying web site…

    Anyways I don’t think it will rival mw2 mor like cod black ops, but if y ask me both of those games are dead to me I sfont want to play or pay full price on the same shitty game I play 3 years ago… So I hope EA does this thing right

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  2. 5 / 5 / 2010 4:49 pm

    I think this game could be great, i really hope EA capitalizes right now while people are really looking for a COD killer!

    This is a perfect set up for EA as well! with the early october release date, if they can get enough hype around this game, people will go pick this up because its a month ahead, may and hold off on COD:BO for a while.

    I’m personally more excited for COD:BO because i think treyarch is really going to bring what IW should have done for their sequel. And im a HUGE fan of Zombies!

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  3. m3xic4n_843

    5 / 6 / 2010 7:14 am

    Looks great and looks more like its rivaling to COD:BO like bball230 said. We just have to wait and see.

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  4. 5 / 6 / 2010 9:42 am

    kimbo slice at the end of the vid

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  5. baller

    5 / 6 / 2010 1:31 pm

    fuck this whack shit and fuck ea, jsut cause activision is acting up doesnt mean ea still arent fucktards

    cod7 and reach is all i need for my xbox
    and socom4 for my ps3
    no need/time for this shit

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  6. m3xic4n_843

    5 / 7 / 2010 6:18 am


    Haha that’s funny lol. I guess Kimbo couldn’t handle the big boys from UFC

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