Halo Reach Release Date & Beta Stats


The Associated Press has reported the release date for the game being created by Bungie due to release later this year, Halo Reach. According to the Associated Press, the official release date of Halo Reach is going to be September 14th worldwide, except for Japan which will release one day later on September 15th. Also there are some quick stats of the recent Halo Reach Beta that was done over Xbox Live.

It is reported that over 2.7 million people played the beta in the 18 day time period, those 2.7 million players played for more than 16 million hours, there were also 1.1 billion kills performed during that period of 18 days. Dang, that’s a ton of kills!

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  1. baller

    5 / 24 / 2010 2:41 pm

    halo3 is better than this beta

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  2. Christendom

    5 / 24 / 2010 9:50 pm

    I thought that this beta was Halo 3.5 LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. whitewolf10

    5 / 25 / 2010 5:34 pm

    knows machee wont be on to comment how this is the best FPS ever because he saw the article drooled on his computer and shorted out…because according to him (probably) after all this is a new concept FPS that’s never been done before (you know as oppose to killzone 2 which according to him is like every FPS out there and boring)

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