Ghost Recon: Future Soldier First Details & Pictures

Ghost Recon series seems like it has lost a lot of its luster from the beginning of the this generations console releases. However, Ubisoft wants regain a good following to the series again. They will try to do it with this summers release of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

The May issue of the Official Xbox Magazine features the title on the cover, and features quite a bit of information on the shooter; Details below, and continued after the break
* The game will feature split-screen cooperative play, but it’s yet to be determined if it will be two or four players.
* Soldiers in Future Soldier benefit from “load-bearing leg braces that enable them to move swiftly” even as they’re covered in a ton of heavy technology.
* Gamers can sprint to cover, slide-tackle enemies, and hurdle low obstacles thanks to their new exoskeleton.
* A first for the series, the soldiers will have close-combat takedowns at their disposal. The takedowns are based on various forms of martial arts.
* The team is divided into four members, each with a different class. The classes are: Commando, Engineer, Sniper, and Recon……
* Commando is very similar to a standard soldier, using a rifle with multiple components and shoulder mounted rocket launcher. Engineer has loadouts including a UAV drone which can be steered by the soldier. Sniper features the main advantage of identifying targets. Recon features the optical camo (invisible cloak), and will be what most gamers want to play as. However, when not cloaked, you’ll be quite distinguishable on the battlefield.
* The game begins with “the Russian president being kidnapped by extremists, and instead of breaking out the popcorn for a cutscene, you’ll be in the shoes of one of his bodyguards. Regardless of how well you may perform during this sequence, you won’t be successful, and the capture of the Russian leader is the flashpoint that kicks off what becomes a truly international campaign.”

* The game will feature quite a few different settings for the game, being much removed from the bland Mexico settings fans were used to.

* Teammate A.I. has been much improved. Your A.I. partners will move like they have “ten to twelve years of military training”. Instead of running in front of you, they’re more prone to follow like squadmates should.
* The partners are said to cover your flank and angles you can’t always get to when you move forward.
* With the tap of a button, you can follow your teammate automatically. Doing this technique will allow you to focus on enemy fire, and keep an eye on your teammates back as you continue forward. All four players can actually link up at once as well.
* The link-up feature is available in multiplayer too. Stand close enough to a cloaked squadmate in multiplayer, and you’ll be cloaked. Future Soldier is aiming to encourage teamwork over everything else.
* The co-op is four players, and completely drop-in/drop-out co-op for the campaign mode. Multiplayer is said to be 8vs8, and contains classic modes such as capture-the-flag and domination.
* The Persistent Elite Creation system from Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will make its way into the title. Meaning, your items in the campaign will be synchronized with those items you use in multiplayer along with your character.

The series seems to have mixed elements from a lot of todays popular shooters, and combined them into one. However we have to keep in mind this is a thrid person Shooter, and hopefully it brings a breath of fresh air in a crowd of FPS’s.

What do you think of all the information ? There is a multiplayer beta this summer and i hope i will get to check things out.

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  1. teflondon613

    3 / 26 / 2010 2:38 pm

    the first one that came out at the start of the ps3 and the 360 was not bad in the sense of multiplayer.

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  2. Machee

    3 / 26 / 2010 3:09 pm

    Finally a sequel! , i hope the multiplayer doesn’t look like Socom again, im getting fucking irritated on Zipper’s “toy gun sound” shooting!

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    • sifto

      3 / 26 / 2010 3:36 pm

      Don’t you mean Modern Warfares “toy gun sound” shooting! ;)

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  3. Christendom

    3 / 26 / 2010 4:02 pm

    The last time I played this game I threw my controller down and swore that I would never play another Ghost Recon game again. G.R.A.W. the hardest difficulty wasn’t just hard it was insane!

    Anyway, this one might peak my interest…I will have to wait and see.

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  4. Gabeusmc19

    3 / 29 / 2010 5:05 am


    Hope Capt. Mitchell is Back and Now a different Rank, Always Capt.
    he should be a Major or LT Col.

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