SpikeTV VGA’s Date, Time And DLB’s Take On The Awards

Only at the VGAs will you will get a glimpse into the future of gaming with world premieres of 10 new titles. Every Wednesday leading to the show Spike will go live with amazing premieres debuting at the VGA.


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Now guys hear me out on this one. Now these are my criticism on SpikeTV’s VGA.

The VGAs are merely a popularity contest, meaning that its not about the quality of the game.

VGAs tend to ignore games released for the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo in general. For example, Super Mario Galaxy wasn’t nominated for Game of the Year, even though it was the second best reviewed game of all time, scoring higher than all the other games on the list by most critics.

In the very first VGAs, Halo on the PC won the best shooter category when it was technically a two year old game ported to another system by this point and should have been an invalid choice. Also in the first VGAs, during one year’s shooters nominee preview, they spelled SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs “SOCMO.” A similar situation arose the next year when Samuel L. Jackson repeatedly referred to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as “Grand Theft Auto 2″, though San Andreas is the fifth game in the series. The game was also shown as “Grand Theft Auto 3: San Andreas” when displayed.

So this is my take on it, this is just a bit of history for those that didn’t know.

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  1. anarchris.

    11 / 13 / 2008 10:51 am

    Yeah, spike really has no biz hosting an award show about video games. Its not a company that strictly focus on games.

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  2. xnervex1

    11 / 13 / 2008 11:15 am

    GoW2? Are you kidding me? Maybe it was ground-breaking the first time it came out. Resistance 2 did a lot more to deserve such an award. The games that TRULY deserve it are mgs4 or lbp.

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  3. 11 / 13 / 2008 3:07 pm

    @ xnervex1
    ya but gears 1 raped resistance 1 so hard that it didnt need to improve as much. I think it could be all of the games on that list exept fallout 3. GTA because of sales, not the game. In my opinion, it should be between gears and lbp, but i dont think it will be. ive never been a big MGS fan. and GTA sold way to many copies to ignore it.

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  4. 11 / 13 / 2008 7:29 pm


    well what else would u get it from g4? g4 cant have a gaming awards to save its ass g4 has less game shows than spike or it will soon. G4 has left gaming so much its unreal and spike i guess I don’t really care who can host a good video game awards now a days? IMO

    IGN,or gamespot can maybe do some okay ones i guess but g4 is just plain horrible i only tune in to see E3 which i could do streaming now!

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