SOCOM Confrontation beta goes global, Europe gets access on 9/1 as well


European SOCOM Producer Shijima wrote this in the Europe forums:

Okay, this is the news you’ve all been waiting for.  I’m happy to confirm that Europe will indeed be getting access to the same Beta trial as our brethren in North America! Furthermore, our trial will begin on the SAME date (1st Sept) and will also end at the same time (30th Sept).

You’ll be pleased to hear that it will be possible to play against not only gamers in Europe, but also those in North America, Oceania and Asia too! Access to this “multiplayer demo” varies by country, so keep your eyes peeled for your unique promotional voucher.

Should any unforeseen circumstances affect our plans then I’ll make sure to keep you updated here…



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  1. SilverFox840

    8 / 18 / 2008 12:28 pm

    So is this separate from Qore, or are the promo codes just for EU, because they don’t get Qore?

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  2. scarface458

    8 / 18 / 2008 12:30 pm

    i cant wait !!i get back from vacation on the 30th

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  3. JoshEisy

    8 / 18 / 2008 3:05 pm

    YES!!! thank god!!

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