Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia playable at Square Enix party

Finally! It seems like we’re inching ever closer to the releases of Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts on PSP. Dissidia has been playable before, so we’re excited to hear that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is in a state where it can be played as well. Unlike the other Kingdom Hearts spin-off titles, Birth by Sleep looks to most closely resemble the PS2 games — not just graphically, but in terms of gameplay as well. For many, that’s exactly what they’re looking for.

Invitations to this closed party are incredibly limited, so we’re hoping that someone will be fortunate enough to attend the show and report on how both of these games play.

[Via Kotaku]

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  1. KillerOps

    6 / 18 / 2008 2:43 pm

    man i completely forgot about kingdom hearts and i sold my PSP lol there were no good games coming out early this year so i sold it, got the chance to play FF and GoW bfore i sold it.

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  2. Frologic

    6 / 18 / 2008 5:28 pm

    Psp is going to be where it’s at by the end of the year. I’m real excited for those games, plus those rpg remakes they’re creating. I still have to pick up Star Ocean 1. I’ve already played 2 and Valkyrie Profile Lennenth. Not to mention the rumor of Suikoden 1 being remade. That means that 2 is probably in the works.

    But on topic. Dissidia looks great. Finally an ‘Eirgeihz(sp)’ that will actually be fun. And that kingdom hearts game is gonna be fantastic. I can’t wait until the one for the PS3

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  3. 6 / 18 / 2008 6:20 pm

    shit i got to go pick up another psp

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